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Please note: This post is pretty much a response to this stupid comment left by Penny Alesi.

Lowering yourself and begging for money is just validating me and making yourself look like white trash.

I am a blogger, and blogging is a passion of mine.  I’ve been at it for 8 years, ya think? Dear Penny-let me educate you on a few salient points:

  • There is a paypal button on the right hand side of the blog in the sidebar.

This is nothing rare or new. Putting up a call for money is not uncommon. Some bloggers have a call for defraying expenses at the end of every post. Some do it when special emergency circumstances arise, like I just did.  It’s known as a ‘bleg’ and I know of many bloggers who’ve done a call for emergency funds at one time or another. Whether it’s relatives dying, a wife in the hospital – whatever the reason – they’ve all been examples of caring individuals virtually rallying around their friends and chipping in what they could. Others have a link with ‘tip jar’ – maybe a symbol or a picture of a glass with money in it – which takes the person clicking on the link to the paypal site where they can make a donation. Easy, and simple – and in some instances, life-changing!

Tip Jar

Tip Jar (Photo credit: Dave Dugdale)

Sometimes bloggers get together and raise money for causes. Sometimes they do it for a friend in trouble. Sometimes they join affiliate programs and ask other bloggers to post links. Sometimes we post ads on each other’s blogs, and negotiate or just put up ads for friends for free. I don’t view myself as a woman on a pedestal -but apparently Penny Alesi sees herself that way, and I’ve also noticed she is a very good fascist-she thinks everyone else should think the same way and hold the same opinions that she does. Penny Alesi made comments here claiming that I was lowering myself to white trash ‘begging’ on the blog is simply laughable. LOL, I mean -she can’t be serious.?

It proves she knows nothing about bloggers and what they’re able to do and the people they’re able to help and reach.

When I ran Cao’s blog, I did a yearly fundraiser for Soldier’s Angels where they raise funds for injured veterans so they can have voice-activated laptops, as they are recuperating from devastating injuries. These laptops help them build a bridge in their mind – from the old life to the new one as a disabled person, and help them realize that life is not over and helps with their recovery process. I guess she missed that. It’s too bad, because the stories are amazing and uplifting! It’s called the VALOUR IT program, and I did it every year until my old blog was hacked, serving in a friendly competition with other teams who are named after the different branches of the service. I’ve always served on the Marine Team, in honor of my father, Uncle, and my marine-trained son. This year, I tried to sign up for VALOUR IT, but got no response – and Cao’s blog is still on the Marine Team list. I’m sorry to say, I haven’t had the time to pursue it much because I’m in a fight for my life, my husband’s life, and our livelihood and home.

Let’s take this discussion and focus away from me and my experiences for a moment – and take Zilla as another example- she has Lyme Disease and debilitating pain, not to mention symptoms which confused her doctors for years.

***So after years of suffering with doctors unable to figure out what has been wrong with me or how to make it better, my dentist inadvertently found the missing piece of the puzzle and may have saved my life in doing so. Now I need to find a doctor who is willing and able to treat me and, as I look for one, I am learning that obtaining treatment is very expensive. My friends in the Conservative Blogosphere are helping to raise awareness of my situation in the hopes that with help from Tip Jar Hitters, I will be able to the medical care I will need in order to get better and reclaim my life. Story of how I got here below, scroll down for updates.***

And it is in fact happening for her, thanks be to God! You can’t get much more noble than that. Is she lowering herself to white trash by being humble enough to ask for help? I think not. What’s amazing is the outpouring of support you get. Believe me, it helps in desperate times when you feel alone…you realize you’re not. It can make the difference between feeling you’re in darkness, and feeling like you’re in the sunlight. It’s easier to have a brighter outlook when you don’t feel alone. At least, that’s been my experience.

In all, without the support of the blogging community and her readers, Zilla wouldn’t be able to go for treatment for her disease; she couldn’t afford it. This is one of the wonderful things about blogs–having a blog has benefits beyond the imagination at times. You have friends you didn’t know you had – and a support system of people around the world who read your blog, some of whom you’ve never emailed or have never commented.

Zilla also has a couple of other ways she raises money on her blog. She has levels of support – like the Patriot Post does. And she also charges trolls a fee if they want to comment. (LOL now that one is hilarious!) If You Want To Troll Me, You Will Have To Pay

I had a trucker who donated money, and I didn’t even know who he was – he saw my paypal button in the sidebar with the heading ‘help me keep the lights on’, and without hesitating, he threw some money over to me via paypal. I didn’t know he even read the blog – he was located in California. I am eternally grateful for these random acts of kindness. I’ve had donations from England and around the world, and I am thankful, these donations have helped me through some difficult times.

There is nothing unseemly about it – it’s just a fact of life – and at this point in my life, I am thanking God for my blogs and the friendships and associations I’ve made through blogging.

  • The blogging community helps each other – the blogging community is like a band of brothers.
  • I am not a ‘journalist’, I am a blogger. And what that means is – I seek out the truth – and not the pre fabricated notion of a story where ‘journalists’ and bloggers who bill themselves as ‘journalists’ throw out what doesn’t fit their preconceived narrative. In short, I am not a propagandist. I look at documentation and court documents and make my best attempt at rooting out the truth, just like I did with the Jack Idema story. I will never waver on that point. I am not obsessed with him; I have my own life – and he died in January, and it was a hard death to take.

But when I see people trying to bend and twist history – I have to object, and put something out there- because I know differently. I don’t pretend to know, or rely on liars, frauds and con artists to “know” -I really know. I was at his family home in New York, where I saw the pictures of him as a young boy, and his basement apartment where some of his special forces drawings and plaques were. And I was at his building in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Through the pictures I took and sent him, he told me a lot about his life I never knew.

I saw his pictures, I saw his writings, I saw documents-I saw many things that convinced me unequivocally he was who he claimed to be, and no nut case is going to sway me from telling that story.

So for his ex-girlfriend to say I’m obsessed with Jack Idema is a far-reaching crazy allegation. I will always cherish his memory; he is a hero to me, and I will remember him for what he truly was – a special Forces Soldier who got screwed in Afghanistan by his own government and by vicious people at home who wanted to see him ruined and/or dead.  He was a very good and loyal friend to me, to the end. I started out telling his story – and I will continue telling that same story – despite the people who are trying to revise history. He had his quirks, but doesn’t everyone?

I didn’t steal his belongings like he she did; I didn’t steal what was on his hard drives – like she did; I didn’t claim I copyrighted his last book project-like she did; I didn’t illegally sign numerous quit claim deeds to a building I had no authority to confiscate -like she did; I didn’t ally with his enemies like she did. I basically went to work with him because I was doing a favor for a friend in trouble. I have done this many times in my life (not just for Idema), and I make no excuses or apologies for it – it’s just the kind of person I am: loyal, unwavering, and truthful. And I will always be that – it was how I was brought up, it is the person I am at the core.


Please note: This post is pretty much a response to this stupid comment left by Penny Alesi.

Lowering yourself and begging for money is just validating me and making yourself look like white trash.

I’m beginning to think this woman is too stupid to realize how she invalidates herself. with her jealous rants about me, her obsession with knowing every detail about my life, etc. Partnering with Ron Barbour (see a court document on United States vs. Ronald Gene Barbour, here, which details the assassination attempt and his attempts at committing suicide.) is just one of the choices she’s made that makes her, like Barbour, irrelevant. I do wonder on occasion if she is being tracked byt he Secret Service like Barbour is – because she is an associate of his, and he is, after all, the only person I’m aware of who attempted to assassinate a president who’s on the loose.

Penny thinks so highly of herself (or perhaps it’s just an astonishing level of insecurity) that she desperately wants or needs to think that other people are beneath her – a typical liberal elitist type.

Not to be braggin’ or anything, but I literally grew up with a silver spoon in my mouth -in Park Ridge, Illinois, the great-granddaughter of the third mayor of Park Ridge (whose picture is displayed in the Citizens bank there)- in the stately house with the columns at 201 Grand that was recently declared a landmark- that my dad inherited from his grandfather, which was in the family for around 100+ years-and learned how to play piano on a custom Steinway piano, play guitar on a classical spanish guitar, and took classical dance and ballet (the toe shoes are probably one of the reasons I’m now having problems with my feet).

I am blessed with a wonderful family, my husband of 18 years, and although our huge family home that sat on 1/2 acre or so was equipped with sterling silver that we used every day- a library, breakfast room, formal dining area, giant Steinway piano, Persian Rugs, ming vases, waterford crystal, a formal garden and north and south terraces – at some times these amazing surroundings were a disadvantage to me growing up, and turned off my boyfriends, who dropped me for being a ‘rich girl’. Our Steinway was larger than a concert Grand – it was longer than today’s concert grand, which is 8′ 11 3/4″ long. I can’t imagine how we even wound up with a piano like that, because my great-grandparents were long gone by the time I was growing up, and I don’t think anyone knows the story of how we obtained it. I remember how my friends coming over were stunned by the interior of our home – but it was decorated by Marshall Fields; impeccable and elegant.

In the bay area we had a couch that was in fact dubbed “Lincoln’s couch”, and was supposed to have belonged to Abraham Lincoln’s family.

I am familiar with the phrase ‘white trash’, but I’m relatively certain I’m not an example of it, and I’m also relatively certain that the paypal button on this blog or this bleg can’t magically turn me into ‘white trash’.

But it’s quite possible I’m wrong, and that Penny is a ‘white trash’ expert, so maybe I shouldn’t quibble about it.

Thank you to all those who have donated to save me, my husband and my dog from being homeless, you are helping me and my husband through the most horrible time we’ve ever experienced in our 18 years together. As more dollars come in, I may just be able to go out and buy groceries, which I haven’t been able to do in a long time. If you are not familiar with my situation, read the bleg that made Penny go cuckoo.

I’d like to extend a very special thanks to Glenn Reynolds and Zilla!

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