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February 23, 2012

Fellow Republicans:

News clips and upcoming event information:


  • Burns’ emails scrutinized at news conference – Ashley Rhodebeck1

(FROM THE ARTICLE: A longtime supporter of State Sen. Chris Lauzen has challenged Geneva residents to act on his findings of alleged misuse of city resources by Mayor Kevin Burns. Kane County Conservative Coalition Chairman Jon Zahm called a news conference Wednesday afternoon at Caboose’s Bar and Restaurant in downtown Geneva to share 116 pages of emails Burns reportedly sent and received through his city email address to conduct campaign business. Burns, who did not attend the news conference, said that for Zahm to talk about ethics is “laughable.” “Mr. Zahm’s circus today epitomizes his history of intimidating and threatening anyone who stands in his way or his candidate’s way,” the mayor said. Burns and Lauzen are vying for the Republican nomination for Kane County Board chairman. The primary election is March 20. Speaking to a small crowd that included reporters, a Kane County board member and precinct committeemen, Zahm highlighted specific email exchanges. Dating to last August, the emails he cited mostly were between Burns and Ellen Nottke, the Batavia Township Republican Party chairman, but some of the correspondence also included other local Republican leaders. The presented emails included gossip, barbs about Lauzen, and campaign strategy, such as how to leverage complimentary emails Burns got from private citizens. Referring to emails in which plans were being made to crash a Lauzen news conference, Zahm said, “I guess that’s politics, but please don’t do it from a city of Geneva email account.” According to Geneva’s ethics code, no officer or employee is to intentionally use any city property or resources “in connection with any prohibited political activity.” That activity is partially defined as “preparing for, organizing or participating in any political meeting, political rally, political demonstration or other political event.” Reached by phone after the conference, Burns said emails intended for his gmail account were defaulting to his city address. “The technological [issue] has been discovered, addressed and resolved,” Burns said. A representative for the Illinois State Board of Elections said misuse of a city email account isn’t a violation of the election code that the organization would enforce. However, it could be pursued locally under local ordinances. Kane County State’s Attorney Joe McMahon said his office doesn’t comment on statements made by candidates. “When appropriate, we will review inquiries that are brought to our attention and make decisions based on the facts and applicable laws,” McMahon said. Because he is not a Geneva resident, Zahm said, he does not plan to file a complaint against Burns. “It is incumbent on Geneva residents to take it a step further,” he said. Zahm, a part-time political consultant who has worked for Lauzen since 1991 in some capacity, noted the state senator didn’t know he filed a Freedom of Information Act request for Burns’ emails. Attempts to reach Lauzen were unsuccessful.)


  • Lauzen supporter Jon Zahm alleges Burns misused city email – Frank Vaisvilas2

(FROM THE ARTICLE: The firestorm in the race between Geneva Mayor Kevin Burns and state Sen. Chris Lauzen, R-25, heated up again today when a Lauzen supporter called a press conference to show how Burns allegedly misused his city email account to run his campaign. Burns said the campaign emails from his city account were the result of a “technological snafu” that has now been resolved. “My emails were defaulting to the city (email) address as opposed to my Gmail,” Burns said. But at least one local resident has grown weary of the race that has been rife with Burns and Lauzen frequently and sharply criticizing each other’s public policies and actions. “I’ve known both (Burns and Lauzen) for many years,” said Yvonne Dinwiddie, a longtime Republican supporter from Batavia. “I have respect for both of them. … I’m pretty upset about the whole thing. People have lost sight of whole the purpose of government.” She said she has been torn between who to vote for from the beginning of the race. Lauzen supporter Jon Zahm, who chairs the Kane County Conservative Coalition, revealed 116 pages of emails today that he obtained from the city of Geneva through a Freedom of Information request. The emails shows correspondence between Burns, Kane County Board Chairwoman Karen McConnaughay, Kane County Republican Chairman Mike Kenyon and Batavia Township Republican Chairwoman Ellen Nottke discussing the campaign against Lauzen. But the Republican infighting doesn’t surprise Kane County Board member Drew Frasz, R-26, who attended today’s press conference. Frasz said there are two factions of Republicans in Kane County, and he is a member of what he calls the faction of “reform” who challenges Burns and the politicians he corresponded in the revealed emails.)


  • Judy Biggert will have a GOP opponent after all – Abdon Pallasch3

(DIERSEN: How old are you? I am 63. Pallasch points out that Cunningham is 73 and that Biggert is 74. What is your position on age discrimination? I have always opposed it. Way back in 1980, when I was 31, I transferred from IRS to GAO. Because I am White, because I am a male, because I have always been a Republican, GAO forced me to accept a downgrade from GS-12 Step 5 to GS-9 Step 10, a $17,867 pay cut in today’s dollars, something that GAO would never had done if I had been a minority, a female, a veteran, or a Democrat. Soon, it became very clear that GAO considered me to be “too old” to have a successful career at GAO. Soon, it became very clear that if you were a non-veteran White male like me and GAO did not promote you to GS-13 by the time you were 25, to GS-14 by the time you were 30, to GS-15 by the time you were 35, and to its Senior Executive Service by the time you were 40, GAO did everything it could to get rid of you. GAO did not promote me to GS-13 until 1986 when I was 38, and in 1997, when I was 49, GAO succeeded in getting rid of me. Again, how old are you? What is your position on age discrimination?)

  • Black history is nation’s story every month of year – John Fountain4

(DIERSEN: MARCH 10, 1981 FLASHBACK: GAO REPORT: Internal Revenue Service–Live Entertainment and Lunch Expense for National Black History Month at


  • Biggert might face GOP primary challenge again Appeal filed to keep Cunningham off ballot next month – Rick Pearson and Joseph Ryan5
  • Why the Dow Hitting 13,000 Isn’t a Major Milestone: Uncertainty still reigns in stock markets, and the Dow can be misleading – Danielle Kurtzleben6

(DIERSEN: Democrats run the federal government. The federal government has lots of power to manipulate the Dow, especially in the short run. How high will the Democrats drive up the Dow to reelect Obama?)

  • Wheaton Park District approves 2% raise for Executive Director Mike Benard – Michelle Manchir7

(DIERSEN: Each year, at the Wheaton City Council’s (WCC) request, the Wheaton Park District (WPD) runs Wheaton’s Independence Day parade. Each year, the WCC gives the WPD $10,000 to run the parade. For the 2012 Wheaton Independence Day parade, which entries will Benard let the Republicans sponsor?)

(FROM THE ARTICLE: The director of the Wheaton Park District will receive a two percent raise this year after park board commissioners voted to increase his salary Wednesday. Park District Executive Director Mike Benard, who in 2011 received a salary of $113,404, will receive a 2 percent wage increase this year under the motion taken Wednesday night. The commissioners voted 6-1 to approve the raise. Commissioner Kim VanderSchaaf was the only “no” vote. “Salaries across all our residents have been stagnant,” VanderSchaaf said. “I don’t think it’s appropriate now at this time to grant this.” According to park district documents, in addition to his salary in 2011, Benard received $36,000 in a housing allowance and $1,218 in a car allowance. His total compensation for the year was $174,318. The Wheaton Park District includes 52 park sites with more than 800 acres, according to its website. In 2011, district was honored for “excellence in park and recreation management” by the National Recreation and Park Association and the American Academy for Park and Recreation Administration.)


  • DuPage County Board Candidate screening process appreciated – Chris Levan, Winfield8

(FROM THE LETTER: For those of us who are dedicated to public service, I would like to thank DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin for the open and transparent selection of the District 4 seat, which was vacated by Debra Olson’s resignation and for which I was considered as an interim replacement. Although I advanced in the process as one of two finalists, I was not selected. I offer my congratulations to Bill Bedrossian and I am sure he will do a fine job representing District 4 and the county as a whole. For years, this process has usually been done behind closed doors with little if any public involvement. By conducting interviews in a candidates forum, streamed live from the county website, Chairman Cronin has issued in a new era in DuPage politics. One that is open and transparent, allowing for public viewing and discourse. The challenges in the coming months and years to keep DuPage County’s reputation for low taxes, balanced budgets and accountability to the residents will take a continued, dedicated commitment by all public officials. It is my belief that an open and transparent process is the foundation on which this accountability can firmly rest and continue to grow.)

  • Why do we pay for these bad ‘choices?’ – Joan Solms, Aurora9

DIERSEN HEADLINE: Someone who goes by “back room deal” has posted lots of information on “Campaign Expenditures” involving Jack Hogan, Reverse Spin, Curry Public Strategies, JRM Consulting, Barbara Skurka Marquardt, Marquardt Consulting, Kallas & Belmonte Marquardt, Scott Marquardt, and Genesis One.10

  • Topinka to speak to Schaumburg Township Republicans11
  • DuPage judges ready for a night of laughing – at themselves – Josh Stockinger12


  • Democrat candidate with felony owes $49K in court costs, restitution – Rachel Wells13

(DIERSEN: Immediately after a candidate files to run as a member of a political party, that party should conduct a full background check. If that check turns up any skeletons in the candidate’s closet, that party should immediately bring those skeletons out of the candidate’s closet. Of course, political parties should define what they consider to be “skeletons.” Are you a candidate? Do you have any skeletons in your closet? If you run as religious persons, if you run as a conservative, if you run as a Republican, sooner or later the Democrats will use your skeletons to blackmail you and/or they will splash your skeletons all over their television stations, their newspapers, their websites, their etc.)

(FROM THE ARTICLE: For one Democratic candidate in the 18th Congressional District primary, funding his campaign takes precedence over almost $49,000 in court costs, fees and restitution from 14 McLean County court cases, including a felony theft conviction. According to filings with the Federal Elections Commission, 28-year-old Matt Woodmancy lent $400 and guaranteed $500 worth of loans to his campaign in December 2011. The Pekin resident is the subject of 13 McLean County court cases filed between 2005 and 2009 for which he owes $4,416 in delinquent fines and fees. Because those cases have been turned over to a collection agency, the county will charge an additional 30 percent, bringing his overdue charges to about $5,741. Woodmancy also is on parole for a 2006 felony theft for having used his credit card over the course of several months to charge and then refund money from a relative’s pizza restaurant where he worked. For that case he still owes $44,545, mostly in restitution, which is not delinquent. Most of his delinquencies stem from traffic offenses, but he owes $600 in overdue payments related to a 2008 battery conviction and more than $1,000 in a 2009 driving-under-the-influence case. Woodmancy told The Pantagraph last week his criminal history is in the past and the result of a Vicodin addiction he now has under control.)

  • Illinois extends voting registration for primary – AP14


  • Piszczor Says Madigan Has Done Little For District – Dermot Connolly15


  • 52nd House District: Gaffney facing two GOP challengers – Stephanie Kohl16


  • Why Is GOP Chair Pat Brady Involved in a County Chairman’s Race? This is Why – Warner Todd Huston17

(ANDY MARTIN: With all due respect I believe you are mistaken. Pat Brady is a political party leader, not a public official. Brady has no place taking sides in contested primaries for public office. Senator Lauzen is a candidate for public office. I warned people in 2010 when Pat Brady attacked me to cover up Mark Kirk’s fraudulent behavior that I would not be the last victim of Brady’s corrupt intervention in primaries, and obviously I’m not. Senator Lauzen is not running to be part of Pat Brady’s “team.” Brady has no team. He is a servant to the Mark Kirk troupe that currently controls the part. Where is the Republican State central Committee in all of this? Nowhere.)


  • URF releases fifth annual legislative scorecard18
  • DeMonte and other top RNC members visit Taiwan19


  • Where Illegal Emails Can Lead – Cal Skinner20


  • AS THE DEMOCRAT PARTY’S STRANGLEHOLD ON ILLINOIS AND ON AMERICA TIGHTENS: Nationally, Illinois is an unpopular, polarizing state21


  • FROM THE ARTICLE: Santorum obviously has a right to his religious believes. And polls show that Americans agree with him that Satan exists — 70 percent of Americans, according to Gallup, believe in the devil, and 69 percent believe in hell.22


  • DIERSEN HEADLINE: Democrats and RINOs want Republicans to lose elections. Sadly, Rubio repeats much of what Democrats and RINOs say about immigration. Sadly, Democrats and RINOs will use much of what Rubio says to paint Republicans as being racists.)23
  • GOP candidates spar over government’s role in Americans’ sex lives – Julian Pecquet24

(DIERSEN: Democrats and RINOs promote any and all kinds of sexual activity, except sex between a husband and his wife that might result in children.)

  • Ron Paul calls Santorum a ‘fake’ at GOP debate – Cameron Joseph25

(DIERSEN: If you ran for a government office or a political office as a religious person, as a conservative, or as a Republican, what would you be called? Who would call you that? Why?)


  • Biggert’s Keystone Ties Questioned By Challenger As 11th District Race Heats Up – Lizzie Schiffman26


  • New Spending Plan Means New Round of Pain for Illinois – Steven Yaccino27
  • Responding to Critics, S.E.C. Defends ‘No Wrongdoing’ Settlements – Edward Wyatt28

(DIERSEN: After GAO forced me to retire in 1997, what if SEC had offered me a job? In 1997, I knew as much about financial derivatives and the regulation of financial derivatives as anyone at GAO, I had worked on audits of federal financial industry regulators for GAO for 9 years, I had just become a Forensic Accountant and a Certified Financial Services Auditor, I had just completed the requirements for a masters degree in financial markets and trading from IIT, I had been a Certified Fraud Examiner since 1990, a licensed CPA since 1982, a Certified Internal Auditor since 1981, and a CPA since 1979. If I had been a Democrat, especially if I had also been a female, a minority, or a veteran, SEC would have offered me a job. But then again, if I had been a Democrat, especially if I had also been a female, a minority, or a veteran, GAO would not have forced me to retire.)


Romney calls Arizona immigration law a model for the nation – Michael A. Memoli29,0,7736719.story


  • Gay Dallas judge says if she can’t get married, she won’t marry others – Bruce Tomaso30


Lesbian Federal Employee Wins Health Benefits Case (

(FROM THE ARTICLE: A federal judge in San Francisco ruled Wednesday that the U.S. government cannot deny health benefits to the wife of a lesbian court employee by relying on the 1996 law that bars government recognition of same-sex unions. U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White said that because the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutionally discriminates against same-sex married couples, the government’s refusal to furnish health insurance to Karen Golinski’s wife is unjustified. “The Court finds that DOMA, as applied to Ms. Golinski, violates her right to equal protection of the law … by, without substantial justification or rational basis, refusing to recognize her lawful marriage to prevent provision of health insurance coverage to her spouse,” White wrote in a 43-page decision that marks the third time in less than two years a federal court has declared the act unconstitutional. Golinski, a staff lawyer for the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, has been trying to secure spousal benefits for her wife, Amy Cunninghis, since shortly after the couple got married during the brief window in 2008 when same-sex marriages were legal in California. Her boss, Chief Judge Alex Kozinski, approved her request, but the Office of Personnel Management ordered Golinski’s insurer not to process her application. After Golinski sued, the Department of Justice originally opposed her in court but changed course last year after President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder said they would no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act.)


  • For-Profit Nursing Homes Face Scrutiny in New Study31

(DIERSEN: My aunt, who 81 and has Alzheimer’s, is paying over $60,000 a year for assisted living at Sunrise Senior Living in Flossmoor.)

(FROM THE ARTICLE: For-profit nursing homes face scrutiny in recent studies finding higher rates of deficiencies compared to government facilities. There are many tools individuals can use to avoid inadequate nursing homes, and to notice if one that provided outstanding care has faltered. Nursing homes are supposed to provide quality care, but recent studies raise concerns that some of these homes put our elderly population at increased risk of injury and death. The studies, conducted by both the Government Accountability Office and Health Services Research, found well-known nursing home chains often violate federal regulations in ways that can lead to increased risk of nursing home injuries.)


  • Teen drivers and marijuana: A ‘dangerous trend’ – Michelle Healy32
  • CPAC 2012 top destination for college conservatives – Samantha Glavin33


  • Obama Pushes Congress To Make DREAM Act Priority in 201234


  • Chicago’s 1 percent get ready Occupy Chicago Michael Herbert dissects the city’s distortion of its history of brutality and makes an appeal for solidarity during the NATO/G8 protests in May.35

(DIERSEN: Are you in the 1 percent? If so, what is your response to this article? What percent of the money that Pat Brady has raised for the Illinois Republican Party has come from the 1 percent – 85%, 90%, 95+%? Why is that? Pat Brady and his supporters make it very clear that they want to get rid of Republicans like me a) who support all the planks in the IRP platform, including its immigration and social planks and b) who support direct election of IRP State Central Committee members.)

(FROM THE ARTICLE: For too long, the people have watched wealthy policymakers send the working class to die in wars that bankrupt our economy while lining the pockets of oil executives and defense contractors who pollute our environment and kill our brothers and sisters across the globe. We have watched Wall Street’s predatory lending and credit default swaps sink us into an economic crisis–only to be rewarded by those responsible for protecting the public against such abuses. The productivity of the U.S. working class has increased eight times as quickly as workers’ wages since 1979. In that time, the income of the 1 percent has increased 240 percent. We see the class gap continue to rapidly expand while half of our country lives in poverty or close to it, and 8.3 percent of us are out of work according to understated official statistics. While our millionaire politicians enjoy the best health care on the planet, the system they have created for the rest of us ranks 37th in the world. While the 1 percent plans its attacks on the working class from high-rise conference rooms and state buildings across the world, we stand against them in the streets of our cities. We routinely assemble in public places to host teach-ins and demonstrations against austerity measures that funnel tax money out of social services and into the pockets of the executives of multimillion-dollar corporations like the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), Sarah Lee and CNA Insurance. Last year, these three companies took home $34.5 million in tax breaks from the city of Chicago while the mayor’s budget will limit hours at the Chicago Public Library system, shut down half the city’s mental-health clinics, and lay off 98 emergency dispatch personnel to free up $21.8 million from the city budget. The much-needed tax dollars funneled out of the commons and into the bank accounts of these three corporations was 60 percent more than what was saved by laying off the working people of Chicago and slashing the social programs they depend on. Each of these three companies belong to a powerful alliance called World Business Chicago, a virtual “who’s who” of Chicago’s 1 percent. IT’S FAIR to say that World Business Chicago has a vested interest in an agenda that limits the right to protest in the city of Chicago and escalates police intervention during the summits through no-bid contracts for third-party security forces. Last month, due to pressure created by public anti-austerity campaigns organized by local activists, the CME and CNA both wiped their hands clean of their handouts from the corrupt Tax Increment Financing system, returning $28 million to the city of Chicago. The CME even reported the Occupy movement as a “risk factor” in the liability section of its regulatory 10-Q filing released in November. Furthermore, as World Business Chicago serves as the host committee for the NATO and G8 summits, its board members stand to make a lot of money at the expense of the civil rights and safety of the people of Chicago. It is not a trivial observation that Boeing, the third largest defense contractor on the planet, has a seat on the board of directors. If World Business Chicago were in need of a friend in the City Council to push through a friendly agenda, it would have to look no further than its chairman, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a man with a reputation of “getting the job done.” Emanuel has created a self-fulfilling prophecy. There will indeed be an ominous “rare breed” coming to Chicago to incite violence in May. But they will not be holding signs of protest or marching in the streets. They will be attending lavish dinners, staying in fancy hotels, and being guarded by military forces paid for by our tax dollars, while we are in the streets being beaten, shot at and locked up. As you watch this on television, remember this: We are not hoodlums or criminals. We are members of your community who will no longer wait for the system to solve the problems it was designed to perpetuate. We are your teachers, your family, your neighbors and coworkers. Stand with us.)


  • Amid turmoil, odometer fraud accelerates36

(FROM THE ARTICLE: Thieves have been rolling back the odometers of automobiles for nearly as long as cars have been on the road. But now, thanks to a sluggish economy, experts say odometer fraud is on the rise. NBC’s Jim Popkin reports.)


  • 2/23 Event: Zediker fundraiser in Naperville
  • 2/23 Event: Roskam to keynote Larsen fundraiser at Klein Creek
  • 2/23 Event: Biggert at Krajewski fundraiser in Downers Grove
  • 2/23 Event: Palomo to speak on the financial crisis at the Schaumburg Public Library
  • 2/23 Event: Topinka and Fee to speak at Homer Township GOP event
  • 2/24 Event: Roskam to speak at Wheaton Women’s Republican Club Chilli Dinner at the Wheaton Bowl
  • 2/25 Event: NTRO pizza party fundraiser at the Kendall VFW Hall in Naperville
  • 2/27 Event: Early voting begins
  • 2/27 Event: Nybo reception at the Reel Club in Oakbrook Center
  • 2/27 Event: Naperville Tea Patriots Candidate Forum
  • 2/27 Event: Kordik reception in Glendale Heights
  • 2/28 Event: Bloomingdale Township GOP meeting
  • 2/28 Event: Zay fundraiser at Klein Creek Golf Club in Winfield
  • 2/29 Event: Aurora Republican Women Candidates Forum at Prisco Center in Aurora
  • 3/1 Event: Carlin fundraiser at 120 North Hale in Wheaton
  • 3/1 Event: DeMonte at Gambino reception in Rockford
  • 3/1 Event: Righter Reception in Charleston
  • 3/1 Event: Dillard fundraiser in Glen Ellyn
  • 3/3 Event: American Majority Grassroots Training in Darien
  • 3/3 Event: DeMonte and Schilling at Jo Davies County Lincoln Day Dinner
  • 3/4 Event: Schock to keynote Northwest Suburban Republican Lincoln Day Dinner
  • 3/4 Event: Addison Township GOP Annual Brunch
  • 3/4 Event: Oberweis fundraiser in Bristol
  • 3/5 Event: Illinois Senate Republican reception in Springfield
  • 3/7 Event: Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day in Springfield
  • 3/8 Event: DeMonte to speak at LaSalle County Republican Women meeting
  • 3/8 Event: RALC Meeting
  • 3/8-10 Event: Family Economics Conference in Wheaton
  • 3/9 Event: Earl fundraiser
  • 3/10 Event: William J. Kelly for 42nd Ward St. Patrick’s Day Bash
  • 3/10 Event: Bloomingdale Township GOP meeting
  • 3/10 Event: Dick Morris headlines St. Patrick’s Day Fundraiser for William J. Kelly
  • 3/11 Event: Lisle Township GOP Brunch at the Hilton Naperville/Lisle
  • 3/12 Event: McCain at McSweeney fundraiser in Chicago
  • 3/15 Event: Early voting ends
  • 3/15 Event: Nybo fundraiser in Glen Ellyn
  • 3/16 Event: Cronin fundraiser at Drury Lane
  • 3/18 Event: DeMonte to speak at Kankakee County Lincoln Day Dinner
  • 3/20 Event: Primary Election
  • 3/20 Event: Carlin Election Night Party at Arrowhead Golf Club in Wheaton
  • 3/20 Event: William J. Kelly’s Chicago GOP Victory Party for the 42nd Ward
  • 3/24 Event: DeMonte to speak at NTRO meeting in Naperville
  • 3/24 Event: DuPage County Unity Breakfast
  • 3/24 Event: RALC Reagan Day Dinner
  • 4/12 Event: RALC Meeting
  • 4/16 Event: Mark Kirk to speak at City Club of Chicago Luncheon
  • 4/18 Event: GOP County Conventions
  • 4/20 Event: IFRW & NFRW Campaign Management School at the Hilton Lisle/Naperville
  • 4/20 Event: Lake County Federation gala at the Marriott Lincolnshire Resort
  • 4/20-21 Event: Illinois Federation of Republican Women’s Spring Conference in Naperville
  • 4/21 Event: TAPROOT Breakfast Meeting
  • 5/5 Event: DeMonte to speak at Knox County Lincoln Day Dinner
  • 5/10 Event: RALC Meeting
  • 5/19 Event: TAPROOT Breakfast Meeting
  • 6/8-9 Event: Illinois Republican Party State Convention in Tinley Park
  • 6/14 Event RALC Meeting
  • 6/16 Event: TAPROOT Breakfast Meeting
  • 6/21-24 Event: Bloomington Gold Corvette Show at Pheasant Run in St. Charles
  • 7/4 Event: Wheaton and Glen Ellyn Independence Day parades
  • 7/12 Event: RALC Meeting
  • 7/21 Event: TAPROOT Breakfast Meeting
  • 7/21 Event: Operation Support Out Troops event at Cantigny Park in Wheaton
  • 8/23 Event: DuPage County Republican Day
  • 8/26 Event: RALC Picnic
  • 9/13 Event: RALC Meeting
  • 9/15 Event: TAPROOT Breakfast Meeting
  • 10/11 Event: RALC Meeting
  • 10/20 Event: TAPROOT Breakfast Meeting
  • 11/6 Event: General Election
  • 11/8 Event: RALC Meeting
  • 11/17 Event: TAPROOT Breakfast Meeting
  • 12/9 Event: TAPROOT Christmas Party at the Hilton Lisle/Naperville

The opinions that I express in this email are based on experience that I have gained doing many things including:


  • – serving on the committee that developed the Illinois Republican Party’s platform in 2008
  • – serving as the Chairman of TAPROOT Republicans of Illinois ( since 2005
  • – serving on the Steering Committee of the Illinois Center Right Coalition 2003-2007
  • – serving as the Milton Township Republican Central Committee webmaster 2008-2010 and 2000-2004
  • – serving as the GOPUSA Illinois Editor since 2000
  • – serving as a Republican Precinct Committeeman since 1999


  • – consulting since 1998, being a member of the American Association of Political Consultants since 2001, and being a founding member of its Midwest Chapter
  • – serving as an arbitrator for the Financial Regulatory Authority since 1998 and for the Better Business bureau since 2001
  • – working for the U.S. Government Accountability Office 1980-1997
  • – working for IRS 1971-1980
  • – working for Firestone Stores 1970-1972
  • – working for the Post Office 1966-1969


  • – earning a masters degree in financial markets and trading from IIT in 1997
  • – earning a masters degree in accounting from DePaul in 1980
  • – earning an MBA from Loyola in 1976
  • – earning a bachelors degree in management from NIU in 1970
  • – attending the University of Illinois in Chicago 1966-1968
  • – earning a diploma from Crete-Monee High School in 1966


  • – becoming a Forensic Accountant in 1997
  • – becoming a Certified Financial Services Auditor in 1996
  • – becoming a Certified Government Financial Manager in 1994
  • – becoming a Certified Fraud Examiner in 1990
  • – becoming a licensed CPA in 1982
  • – passing the Certified Internal Auditor examination on my first attempt in 1981
  • – passing the CPA examination on my first attempt in 1979


  • – serving as the Treasurer and a Director of www.Adversity.Net since 1999
  • – serving on the Executive Committee of the Chicago Chapter of the Association of Government Accountants 1983-1996
  • – being a union member 1966-1969 and 1971-1980
  • – assisting attorneys with lawsuits that charged age discrimination, reverse discrimination, retaliation, breach of contract, exceeding executive branch authority, and fraud
  • – living in DuPage County and its county seat Wheaton since 1978, in Chicago 1974-1978, in University Park 1972-1974, and in Crete 1948-1972
  • – being the subject of a nasty 4-page article in the February 1978 issue of Money Magazine
  • – owning cars since 1964 and only American nameplate cars since 1964
  • – being married since 1978
  • – being confirmed as a Missouri Synod Lutheran in 1962
  • – being someone who is 100% German national origin
  • – assuring proper care for my 81-year-old aunt who has Alzheimer’s

Each and every morning, I send a GOPUSA ILLINOIS email to each and every GOPUSA ILLINOIS subscriber. If the email does not appear in your inbox, to view a copy of it, please visit: Also each and every morning, I post a link to that copy on the Illinoize page at and at Since January 1, 2005, GOPUSA ILLINOIS has brought to your attention 108,040 internet postings and information on many upcoming events free of charge and without any advertising. GOPUSA ILLINOIS asks that its subscribers use the information in the emails to help elect and reelect Republicans who can and will defend and advance the Illinois Republican Party platform.


Dave Diersen

Phone: 630-653-0462

Fax: 630-653-9665

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