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February 20, 2012

Fellow Republicans:

News clips and upcoming event information:


  • GOP Presidential Race Could Get More Volatile1


  • Week of protest planned to oppose school closings, shake-ups Organizers plan vigil outside Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s home today. – Linda Lutton2


  • FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD WITH COLOR PICTURE: Odd geography in new Illinois congressional map Millions of constituents will find their representative has changed – Rick Pearson3

(FROM THE ARTICLE: During his three decades in Elmhurst, John Morrissey has been comfortable being represented in Washington by a generation of conservative congressmen. Now the retired 61-year-old business manager is coming to the realization that after having been a constituent of the late conservative icon Henry Hyde and current House Republican Chief Deputy Majority Whip Peter Roskam, his next representative in Congress is likely to be Mike Quigley, a liberal Democrat from Chicago’s North Side. “It’s probably not good for Elmhurst to be tied to the North Side of Chicago,” said Morrissey, a member of Elmhurst’s library board and a Republican precinct (committeeman) for the last 10 years. “It’s not just a different set of interests, but it’s also the way Chicago politics is run.”)

  • Facebook and job performance New study finds social networking site profile pages can be an indicator of future job success – Rx Huppke4
  • Getting that MBA – and what comes with it – may be worth whatever it takes – Cindy Krischer Goodman5

(DIERSEN: Do you have an MBA? Was it worth the time and money that you spent to earn it? I spent lots of my personal time and personal money completing 16 courses to earn an MBA from Loyola in 1976. I worked for IRS 1971-1980. Often, I was the only Republican in the work group and/or in the office. Many of my IRS superiors, supervisors, coworkers, and subordinates did not have a bachelors degree, let alone a masters degree. They argued that the courses a) did not relate to my job duties, b) did not help me carry out my job duties, c) were a “distraction,” and d) were taken to get a job in the private sector. However, a) the tax court disagreed with them and b) my having the degree frustrated their efforts to get rid of me.)


  • State Senate: State rep Nybo aims to oust incumbent Dillard in 24th District6
  • House of Representatives District 42, Republican Primary7
  • 23rd Senate District: Pankau and Ramey differ on pension reforms8


  • Burns, Lauzen debate Kane County’s future – Tara García Mathewson9
  • DIERSEN HEADLINE: In an editorial unethically made to look like a news article, the Daily Herald promotes Kane County Board Chairman candidate Kevin Burns big time. Democrats and RINOs are overjoyed.10
  • FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD: Medicaid use skyrockets in the suburbs as potential cutbacks loom – Mike Riopell11

(DIERSEN: Do you and your spouse have health insurance? My wife and I do. Because I am a federal retiree, each month, for Blue Cross Blue Shield standard family plan coverage, we pay only $430.04 and the federal government pays the balance of about $900. During all the almost 30 years that I worked for the federal government, being able to look forward to that health insurance benefit helped me a) endure being underpaid, especially after I earned a bachelors degree in 1970, after I earned an MBA in 1976, after I passed the CPA examination on my first attempt in 1979, after I earned a masters degree in accounting in 1980, after I passed the Certified Internal Auditor examination on my first attempt in 1981, after I became a licensed CPA in 1982, after I became Certified Fraud Examiner in 1990, a Certified Government Financial Manager in 1994, a Certified Financial Services Auditor in 1996, and a Forensic Accountant in 1997, and after I earned a masters degree in financial markets and trading in 1997; b) endure the tremendous negatives of being a federal employee — many demonize, denigrate, and condemn federal employees; c) endure the tremendous efforts by my Democrat superiors, Democrat supervisors, Democrat coworkers, and Democrat subordinates to get rid of me because I am a Republican — Democrats run the federal government, virtually all federal employees are Democrats, and political affiliation discrimination is rampant in the federal government; and d) endure their tremendous efforts to punish me and to “make an example” out of me because I oppose race and gender based preference giving and because I oppose age discrimination.)

(FROM THE ARTICLE: The number of suburban residents enrolled in Medicaid has skyrocketed in recent years, even as Gov. Pat Quinn takes aim at funding for the health care program for the poor. Suburban enrollment in the Medicaid program has risen drastically since the state’s 2006 fiscal year: 89 percent in DuPage County, 76 percent in Kane, 103 percent in McHenry, 73 percent in Lake, 84 percent in Will, and 19 percent in Cook County, including Chicago, according to data from the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services. That’s far higher growth than in the state as a whole, where the number of people enrolled in Medicaid has risen 30 percent in the same period – forcing the state to pay more and sacrifice funding for schools and other programs.)

  • Can the stock market pick the next president? – AP12

(DIERSEN: Democrats run the federal government. The federal government has lots of power, at least in the short run, to drive the stock market up or down.)


Lauzen, Burns go head to head – Brenda Schory13


  • Burns, Lauzen at odds over chairman’s job – Matt Hanley14


  • Uncertainty still looms for regional superintendents – David Thomas15


  • New tech bills highlight age-old privacy disputes – Kevin McDermott16


  • Will Rutherford run for governor?17


  • DIERSEN HEADLINE: Felicia Mello sounds like she does not like the fact that so many government employees get today off.18


  • A Great Debate Right Here in Downtown Geneva The Kane County Young Republicans know how to run a debate! – Jeff Ward19

(DIERSEN: Sadly, many candidates in contested primary races declined my informal invitations to participate in debates hosted by TAPROOT. Of course, my critics argue that if they were the Chairman of TAPROOT, or if anyone else was the Chairman of TAPROOT, all the Republican candidates in contested primary races in Illinois would be a) begging to participate in debates hosted by TAPROOT, b) begging to be endorsed by TAPROOT, and c) giving lots of money to TAPROOT.)

(FROM THE ARTICLE: Of course, the main event was a rousing dialectic between county chair candidates state Sen. Chris Lauzen and Geneva Mayor Kevin Burns. And this one was certainly worth the price of admission. Another study in contrasts, both men described their unique vision for county government, both made some interesting points, and both explained why they were the right man for the job. Ah! But no evening involving Kane County Republicans could possibly come off without at least a little drama. After Batavia Township Republican Chairman Ellen Nottke and St. Charles Township Republican Chairman Ken Shepro showed up fashionably late, the glimmer twins (as I affectionately call them) started heckling Lauzen from the back of the room. Because I could only hear their coices from in the front row, after the event I asked 16th District County Board candidate Robert Sauceda, who was standing next to them, exactly what the twins were saying. “‘What are you running for,’ ‘You’re completely wrong,’ and ‘Get your facts straight,” Sauceda responded, “I wanted to stand up and ask Chairman Stoll to ask the leadership in the back of the room to respect both candidates, but I didn’t want to disrupt the proceedings any further.” To top it off, when County Board member Melissa Taylor objected to Nottke-an ardent Lauzen critic-taking one of his packets, Nottke looked at her and said, “Stop drinking the F-bomb Kool-Aid.” “It’s an embarrassment to the Kane County Republican Party,” Sauceda told me. It most certainly is. In a somewhat anti-climax, when auditor candidate and debate no-show Laura Wallet actually appeared to work the crowd after the event, she became agitated when Stoll asked her to leave. Ignoring his polite explanation that you can’t choose not to participate and then reap the benefits of participating, Stoll asked Wallet to leave at least four times before she finally just stood at the top of the stairs. I have to say, I’m becoming one of Tim Stoll’s biggest fans. Whenever he decides to run for office, and I’m sure he will, he’s got my vote. Despite having to stay up well past my bedtime, the evening was well worthwhile. If you ever have the opportunity to attend a KCYR debate, don’t hesitate! You’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t.)


  • Randy Hultgren Highlights McHenry County Lincoln Day Dinner – Cal Skinner20
  • Manzullo Touts 6-0 Record in Conservative Group Endorsements – Cal Skinners21

(DIERSEN: The most common reason that I hear why people dropped their TAPROOT membership is that they disagreed with a decision that TAPROOT made to endorse a candidate.)


  • Things we could tax22

(DIERSEN: One of the things that encouraged me to spend lots of my personal money and time taking graduate business, accounting, and finance courses 1972-1980 and 1992-1997 was that the tuition and books were tax deductible.)

  • Illinois’ online lottery could lead to 7,000 layoffs23


  • Is Santorum Too Socially Conservative to Defeat Obama? – David Paul Kuhn24

(DIERSEN: The more planks in the Republican Party platform that you defend and advance, the harder that Democrats and RINOs work against you.)

  • U.S. sheriff says he’s gay after misconduct claims – Bob Christie25


  • The Greek Tragedy is a Case Study in Class Warfare – Neil Snyder26


  • Minister: Obama failing to uphold U.S. values ‘Does not Barack know that government’s whole purpose is to restrain men from sin’ – Bob Unruh27


  • Illegals trickling back to Alabama since law not fully implemented – Jay Reeves28


  • Michelle Obama and kids spend Presidents Day at Aspen – Alexis Levinson29

(DIERSEN: During the 1980s, back in the “good old days,” when my wife worked for the U.S. League of Savings Institutions, when it hosted meetings in Aspen, I would go with her and we would tack on a short vacation after the meeting.)


  • Class Warfare African American Style – Harry Jackson30
  • The Left Fuels Santorum Surge – Star Parker31
  • Don’t Abandon Conservative Principles and Ideas – Armstrong Williams32
  • The Republican Party Needs a Cadillac – Raynard Jackson33

(FROM THE ARTICLE: Nicolas Dreystadt single handedly saved Cadillac from their own ignorance. He was a German immigrant who came to the U.S. with his parents when he was a small boy.)

(FROM THE ARTICLE: The Republican Party was founded with the express purpose of ending the slavery of Blacks. Blacks remained loyal to the Republican Party until the party made the decision to adopt the “Southern strategy.” The Southern strategy was implemented by Nixon aide, Kevin Phillips in the 1960s. The strategy drove a wedge between the Black community and the Republican Party. The party increasingly became hostile to civil rights in order to get white, Southern Democrats to join the Republican Party. It has worked magnificently ever since, with Blacks voting Republican only 10% on average during a presidential election. Cadillac had a similar strategy by not selling their cars to Blacks. Most people are familiar with the name Cadillac (made by General Motors). But, most are unfamiliar with the story of how Cadillac almost went out of business during the depression (1928-1934) because of their prejudice towards Blacks. Likewise, the modern day Republican Party is in great danger of going down the same road as the Cadillac, but with a much different result-they will go out of business. Republicans can no longer afford to be the all white Southern male party. They can no longer afford to totally ignore and disregard the Black community. They can no longer afford to have all whites at the decision making table. Some will say, yes they can. Let’s get back to Cadillac. Nicolas Dreystadt single handedly saved Cadillac from their own ignorance. He was a German immigrant who came to the U.S. with his parents when he was a small boy. He worked as a mechanic apprentice for Mercedes-Benz before becoming the national head of Cadillac’s services department. He was responsible for the department that serviced Cadillac cars throughout the U.S. He was considered middle-management. As he travelled across the U.S. to monitor Cadillac’s service departments, Dreystadt noticed something strange. He noticed great numbers of Blacks bringing their cars in to be serviced. “But how could this be,” he thought, knowing that Cadillac had a strict “no sale to Blacks” policy. Then it dawned on him that these Blacks had paid a white to buy the cars for them and they paid a fee for the transaction. “But the wealthy Negro,” business critic Peter F. Drucker recalled, “wanted a Cadillac so badly that he paid a substantial premium to a white man to front for him in buying one. Dreystadt had investigated this unexpected phenomenon and found that a Cadillac was the only success symbol the affluent black could buy; he had no access to good housing, to luxury resorts, or to any other of the outward signs of worldly success (Cadillacs cost more than $ 5,000 back then-over $ 60,000 in today’s money).” The last straw for Dreystadt was when he found out that Cadillac would not allow boxing champion Joe Lewis to buy a car, but that he paid a white person to buy it for him. Lewis war revered as an icon by both whites and Blacks. So, in 1932, Dreystadt did the unthinkable. General Motor’s Chairman, Alfred P. Sloan had called a board meeting to discuss closing down the Cadillac line of cars because of low sales due to the depression. Dreystadt just happened to be in Detroit at the same time. So, unannounced he asked the board for 10 minutes to discuss his plan for saving Cadillac. One person described Dreystadt’s actions as akin to someone knocking on the door to the Vatican asking the College of Cardinals for 10 minutes while they are in the middle of electing a Pope. Dreystadt pointed out that blacks paid a premium to white buyers to front for them. “Why should a bunch of white front men get several hundred dollars each when that profit could flow to General Motors? Demand like this should be exploited. Dreystadt urged the executive committee to go after this market. The board bought his reasoning and gave him 18 months to develop the “Negro” market. By the end of 1934, Cadillac sales increased by 70%, and the division actually broke even. Dreystadt was eventually made head of the Cadillac Division.)


  • Santorum faces scrutiny on social issues – Justin Sink34
  • Report: First lady, daughters on weekend ski vacation in Aspen – Meghashyam Mali35

(DIERSEN: When is the last time that you took a “real” vacation? Since we were married in 1978, my wife and I have taken very few “real” vacations. Almost all of our vacations were between 1978 and 1992 when we would tack on a vacation after my wife’s business trips while she worked for the trade association for the savings and loan industry.)

  • Gallup poll shows Santorum with 8-point lead over Romney – Justin Sink36

(DIERSEN: Which candidate leads in Illinois, by how much, and why?)

  • Gingrich archives show his public praise, private criticism of Reagan – Jerry Markon37

(DIERSEN: I would love to ask Gingrich about GAO.)


  • Obama’s Tax Policy Targets Rising Sector of His Base: The Affluent – John Harwood38

(DIERSEN: Virtually all federal employees are Democrats. While I worked for the federal government, many of my superiors, my supervisors, their operatives, and their dupes who demonized me, denigrated me, and condemned me as being “rich” had lots more money than I did.)


  • New party chairman’s goals: Unite Republicans, oust Obama – Regina Zilbermints and Jennifer Jacobs39

(FROM THE ARTICLE: Q. Will you be neutral and support all candidates? A. The chairman serves at the pleasure of the state central committee, so if I want to endorse a candidate in a contested primary, I would need the support of the committee to do that.)

(DIERSEN QUESTION: During one or more of its lengthy executive sessions, did your representative on the Illinois Republican Party (IRP) State Central Committee (SCC) authorize IRP Chairman Pat Brady’s efforts a) to drive conservatives out of the IRP, b) to drive platform Republicans out of the IRP, c) to drive Republicans who support direct election of IRP SCC members out of the IRP, d) to drive Republicans out of the IRP, and e) to destroy the IRP?)

(FROM THE ARTICLE: A.J. Spiker, a self-described constitutional conservative and former aide for the Ron Paul presidential campaign, will lead the Republican Party of Iowa for the next 11 months. Spiker was elected to fill out the remainder of former chairman Matt Strawn’s term, which expires in January 2013. In April, a new state central committee will be elected at district conventions, and those new board members have the discretion to vote for a new chairman or chairwoman. But there would have to be a consensus to oust the chairman and replace him – and that typically doesn’t happen unless a sitting chairman has displayed incompetence or poor judgment, said Republican Party of Iowa Executive Director Chad Olsen. The party bylaws call for the position to be selected every two years, in January following a general election. Spiker resigned from the Paul campaign on Feb. 11, the day the party’s board elected him. Q. Will you be neutral and support all candidates? A. The chairman serves at the pleasure of the state central committee, so if I want to endorse a candidate in a contested primary, I would need the support of the committee to do that. Q. What if establishment Republicans in Iowa shy away from a Ron Paul guy? A. My goal as state party chair is to unite the party and help fellow Republicans take the Senate, maintain a majority in the House, send a full Republican congressional delegation to D.C., and return President Obama to Illinois. Q. What are your goals? A. I have three big ones. 1. Make sure there are more registered Republicans than registered Democrats by the end of the year. 2. Make sure Iowa Republicans are well funded and battle-ready for the November election. 3. Make sure Iowa’s six electoral votes go to the Republican nominee in the general election. Q. What are your plans for fundraising? A. I have already started talking to donors and will continue to do that throughout the year to make sure Republicans have the resources they need to succeed in November. Republicans are energized about removing Barack Obama, and that energy will be evident in our fundraising.)


  • OUTSTANDING: Voter ID laws proliferate – Melanie Eversley40
  • FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD: AS THE DEMOCRAT PARTY’S STRANGLEHOLD ON AMERICA TIGHTENS: The U.S. population is growing at the slowest rate since the Great Depression after two decades of robust increases. Haya El Nasser41

(DIERSEN: Democrats and RINOs encourage women to have abortions.)


  • DIERSEN HEADLINE: Promoting abortion is one of the Democrat Party’s top priorities. Libby Spencer argues that for women, abortion is their top priority.44

(DIERSEN: She demonizes, denigrates, and condemns all individuals, all organizations, all companies, and all countries that do not promote abortion. What do you think of those who demonize heterosexual men, denigrate heterosexual men, and condemn heterosexual men? What do you think of those who argue that for heterosexual men, their top priority is to force themselves on heterosexual women, to have sex with them, and to get them pregnant?)


  • History shows Senate will give Mark Kirk ample time to recover – Katherine Skiba45

(DIERSEN: What would you do if you were Senator Mark Kirk? Because of the severity of his health problems, if I were Senator Mark Kirk, I would resign. My critics would say it is easy for me to say that because I am old (63), I have a federal pension for life, I am “rich,” I have an outstanding wife, my wife and I do not have children to support, etc. However, I would resign because of the importance of the office’s duties and responsibilities. Illinois needs to be represented in the U.S. Senate by someone who can spend 100% of his/her time carrying out offices’s duties and responsibilities.)

(FROM THE ARTICLE: Ted Kennedy had a brain tumor. Joe Biden had two brain aneurysms. Tim Johnson had a rare anomaly of the brain that led to stroke-like symptoms. Lyndon Baines Johnson had a heart attack. The lawmakers, all stricken while in public office, were afforded a privilege that comes with Senate service: They weren’t at risk of losing their jobs because they weren’t able to travel to work. There is no protocol, constitutional authority, federal law or congressional rule for the Senate to recognize “incapacity” of a sitting member and declare a “vacancy” in the office, according to a 2006 study by the Congressional Research Service. History shows that Sen. Mark Kirk, an Illinois Republican who suffered a stroke last weekend, will be given ample time by his colleagues to recuperate. Kirk, 52, is in intensive care at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where doctors said Tuesday he was showing progress but faced a lengthy road back. Donald Ritchie, historian for the Senate, described it as “a collegial body” that is patient when members miss work for long stretches because of illness. The 100-member Senate has some members who “are pretty old,” Ritchie added. “So we’ve had a lot of illnesses over the years: strokes, surgeries, all sorts of conditions. And as a general rule, senators feel badly for their colleagues and have given them time to recover.” They’ve even offered to help ill lawmakers with their duties, as Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., has for Kirk. “Senators are part of a small group of individuals, and they go out of their way to help each other,” Ritchie said. “Politics aside when it’s a personal situation.”)


  • JFK Intern Mimi Alford’s Shocking Affair Tell-All – Leslie Bennetts46

(FROM THE ARTICLE: The president of the United States enjoyed a daily swim in the White House pool and cocktails after hours, when daiquiris and cheese puffs were passed around. Also provided for the president’s pleasure were clueless virgins from Miss Porter’s School, the first lady’s white-glove alma mater. When Mimi Alford was summoned to swim on her fourth day as a White House intern in 1962, no one told the chaste, uncomprehending teenager that the purpose of the invitation was to serve her up in a borrowed bathing suit for inspection by President John F. Kennedy. That evening, Alford-who had never had a boyfriend-was surprised when White House aide David Powers plied her with drinks, and stunned when JFK offered her a private tour of the residence. Moments later, she says, the president pushed her down onto his wife’s bed, pulled off her underwear, and unceremoniously deflowered her. Alford says she spent the next 18 months as JFK’s sexual plaything, spirited into and out of bedrooms in Washington and elsewhere by Powers. She then waited half a century before telling her story in an explosive new memoir called Once Upon a Secret. Some of the book’s most chilling revelations are the things that didn’t happen. As Alford describes it, when JFK first had sex with her, her reaction was unquestioning acquiescence. Although her previous experience was limited to a single kiss in the eighth grade, she didn’t resist the president, nor did she say a word about how she felt, to him or anyone else. It was as if her whole life had prepared her for such a moment-which it had. A man-a very powerful man who was old enough to be her father-wanted a quickie with her, and her only role was to oblige.)


  • It’s Time for All Gay Republicans to Come Out Already – Kevin DuJan47


  • Santorum Says Obama’s Not a Real Christian, Then Grudgingly Admits He Is – Andre Tartar48

(DIERSEN: In Illinois, far too many people who claim to be religious do far too many things that a religious person would not do. In Illinois, far too many people who claim to be conservative do far too many things that a conservative person would not do. In Illinois, far too many people who claim to be Republican do far too many things that a Republican would not do.)


  • Santorum: Obama’s worldview upside-down – Leigh Ann Caldwell49


  • Illinois 2012 primary election details and information – Mark Wachtler50

(FROM THE ARTICLE: Illinois GOP Convention: June 8-9, 2012 in Tinley Park.)


  • White House pushes semi-retirements – Stephen Losey51

(DIERSEN: In 1997, when I was 49 years, GAO forced me to retire so that it could a) give my position and my office to one of my minority subordinates and b) send a strong message to everyone at GAO that GAO would get rid of them too if they opposed reverse discrimination or age discrimination. When GAO forced me to retire, I knew as much about IRS, financial derivatives, and the regulation of financial derivatives as anyone at GAO.)

(FROM THE ARTICLE: About 500,000 retirement-eligible federal employees would have an attractive new option to consider if the White House gets its way: semi-retirement. President Obama’s 2013 budget proposal calls on Congress to allow federal employees to work part-time while also collecting partial pension checks and earning partial retirement benefits for their part-time service. The benefits of the idea are twofold, proponents say. It would save money – the administration estimates $720 million over the next decade – by spacing out retirements and new hires. And it would help alleviate the government’s brain drain problem by keeping experienced staff on board longer to mentor younger feds. “It’s a no-brainer,” said the idea’s biggest champion, Office of Personnel Management Director John Berry, who called it one of the most significant proposals in the 2013 budget. “You can only play so much golf” in retirement, Berry said Feb. 15. “We have this incredible pool of talent in the federal government. People are living longer, and they want to continue to contribute.” The administration has proposed the idea before – in 2010 as part of a hiring reform bill – but it went nowhere. Being included in the president’s budget proposal may lend it more clout and visibility, increasing its chances. Agencies would save by not having to immediately replace employees phasing into retirement, and by delaying payment of full retirement benefits, the budget said. The plan could also reduce the government’s need to temporarily rehire retirees to fill critical skills gaps. Those rehired workers are now paid both their full salaries and pensions. “Many individuals who are nearing the end of their working lives do not want to completely stop working, although they no longer wish to do so on a full-time basis,” the budget said. “This proposal will help encourage those individuals to continue working for the federal government and will enhance the attractiveness of late-career part-time employment, thereby facilitating continuity of operations and training of less experienced employees.” The National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association applauded OPM’s proposal. . .Employees phasing into retirement would be required to spend at least 20 percent of their time mentoring younger employees.)


  • Senior Executive Service members oppose proposed financial disclosures52

(DIERSEN: How much money do you have? What organization/company do you work for? Does your employer require you to post online how much money you have?)

(FROM THE ARTICLE: The Senior Executives Association is urging Senate leaders to kill a legislative provision that would require online posting of Senior Executive Service members’ personal financial disclosure reports. The proposal, contained in the House-passed version of the STOCK Act, “appears to be a solution in search of a problem,” SEA President Carol Bonosaro and General Counsel William Bransford wrote in a letter last week to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. While the original impetus for the legislation was to prevent insider stock trading by members of Congress, the House version would require SES members to report any trades or other financial transactions to the Office of Government Ethics within 30 days, according to the letter. The legislation would also mandate that the annual financial disclosure reports filed with the ethics office be posted on a public website. Those reports now are publicly available only through written request.)


  • 2/20 Event: Schneider fundraiser at the Lisle/Naperville Hilton
  • 2/20 Event: Lisle Township GOP meeting
  • 2/21 Event: Aurora Republican Women Candidates Forum at Eola Community Center in Aurora
  • 2/21 Event: Deadline to register or transfer registration
  • 2/21 Event: Behrend and Gough to speak at Chicago Townhall meeting
  • 2/21 Event: Teri O’Brien to speak at Bellar fundraiser in Orland Park
  • 2/21 Event: York Township GOP meeting
  • 2/23 Event: Zediker fundraiser in Naperville
  • 2/23 Event: Larsen fundraiser at Klein Creek
  • 2/23 Event: Biggert at Krajewski fundraiser in Downers Grove
  • 2/24 Event: Roskam to speak at Wheaton Women’s Republican Club Chilli Dinner at the Wheaton Bowl
  • 2/25 Event: NTRO pizza party fundraiser at the Kendall VFW Hall in Naperville
  • 2/27 Event: Early voting begins
  • 2/27 Event: Nybo reception at the Reel Club in Oakbrook Center
  • 2/27 Event: Kordik reception in Glendale Heights
  • 2/28 Event: Bloomingdale Township GOP meeting
  • 2/29 Event: Aurora Republican Women Candidates Forum at Prisco Center in Aurora
  • 3/1 Event: Carlin fundraiser at 120 North Hale in Wheaton
  • 3/1 Event: DeMonte at Gambino reception in Rockford
  • 3/1 Event: Righter Reception in Charleston
  • 3/3 Event: American Majority Grassroots Training in Darien
  • 3/3 Event: DeMonte and Schilling at Jo Davies County Lincoln Day Dinner
  • 3/4 Event: Schock to keynote Northwest Suburban Republican Lincoln Day Dinner
  • 3/4 Event: Addison Township GOP Annual Brunch
  • 3/4 Event: Oberweis fundraiser in Bristol
  • 3/5 Event: Illinois Senate Republican reception in Springfield
  • 3/7 Event: Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day in Springfield
  • 3/8 Event: DeMonte to speak at LaSalle County Republican Women meeting
  • 3/8 Event: RALC Meeting
  • 3/8-10 Event: Family Economics Conference in Wheaton
  • 3/9 Event: Earl fundraiser
  • 3/10 Event: William J. Kelly for 42nd Ward St. Patrick’s Day Bash
  • 3/10 Event: Bloomingdale Township GOP meeting
  • 3/10 Event: Dick Morris headlines St. Patrick’s Day Fundraiser for William J. Kelly
  • 3/11 Event: Lisle Township GOP Brunch at the Hilton Naperville/Lisle
  • 3/12 Event: McCain at McSweeney fundraiser in Chicago
  • 3/15 Event: Early voting ends
  • 3/15 Event: Nybo fundraiser in Glen Ellyn
  • 3/16 Event: Cronin fundraiser at Drury Lane
  • 3/18 Event: DeMonte to speak at Kankakee County Lincoln Day Dinner
  • 3/20 Event: Primary Election
  • 3/20 Event: Carlin Election Night Party at Arrowhead Golf Club in Wheaton
  • 3/20 Event: William J. Kelly’s Chicago GOP Victory Party for the 42nd Ward
  • 3/24 Event: DeMonte to speak at NTRO meeting in Naperville
  • 3/24 Event: DuPage County Unity Breakfast
  • 3/24 Event: RALC Reagan Day Dinner
  • 4/12 Event: RALC Meeting
  • 4/16 Event: Mark Kirk to speak at City Club of Chicago Luncheon
  • 4/18 Event: GOP County Conventions
  • 4/20 Event: IFRW & NFRW Campaign Management School at the Hilton Lisle/Naperville
  • 4/20 Event: Lake County Federation gala at the Marriott Lincolnshire Resort
  • 4/20-21 Event: Illinois Federation of Republican Women’s Spring Conference in Naperville
  • 4/21 Event: TAPROOT Breakfast Meeting
  • 5/5 Event: DeMonte to speak at Knox County Lincoln Day Dinner
  • 5/10 Event: RALC Meeting
  • 5/19 Event: TAPROOT Breakfast Meeting
  • 6/8-9 Event: Illinois Republican Party State Convention in Tinley Park
  • 6/14 Event RALC Meeting
  • 6/16 Event: TAPROOT Breakfast Meeting
  • 6/21-24 Event: Bloomington Gold Corvette Show at Pheasant Run in St. Charles
  • 7/4 Event: Wheaton and Glen Ellyn Independence Day parades
  • 7/12 Event: RALC Meeting
  • 7/21 Event: TAPROOT Breakfast Meeting
  • 7/21 Event: Operation Support Out Troops event at Cantigny Park in Wheaton
  • 8/23 Event: DuPage County Republican Day
  • 8/26 Event: RALC Picnic
  • 9/13 Event: RALC Meeting
  • 9/15 Event: TAPROOT Breakfast Meeting
  • 10/11 Event: RALC Meeting
  • 10/20 Event: TAPROOT Breakfast Meeting
  • 11/6 Event: General Election
  • 11/8 Event: RALC Meeting
  • 11/17 Event: TAPROOT Breakfast Meeting
  • 12/9 Event: TAPROOT Christmas Party at the Hilton Lisle/Naperville

The opinions that I express in this email are based on experience that I have gained doing many things including:


  • – serving on the committee that developed the Illinois Republican Party’s platform in 2008
  • – serving as the Chairman of TAPROOT Republicans of Illinois ( since 2005
  • – serving on the Steering Committee of the Illinois Center Right Coalition 2003-2007
  • – serving as the Milton Township Republican Central Committee webmaster 2008-2010 and 2000-2004
  • – serving as the GOPUSA Illinois Editor since 2000
  • – serving as a Republican Precinct Committeeman since 1999


  • – consulting since 1998, being a member of the American Association of Political Consultants since 2001, and being a founding member of its Midwest Chapter
  • – serving as an arbitrator for the Financial Regulatory Authority since 1998 and for the Better Business bureau since 2001
  • – working for the U.S. Government Accountability Office 1980-1997
  • – working for IRS 1971-1980
  • – working for Firestone Stores 1970-1972
  • – working for the Post Office 1966-1969


  • – earning a masters degree in financial markets and trading from IIT in 1997
  • – earning a masters degree in accounting from DePaul in 1980
  • – earning an MBA from Loyola in 1976
  • – earning a bachelors degree in management from NIU in 1970
  • – attending the University of Illinois in Chicago 1966-1968
  • – earning a diploma from Crete-Monee High School in 1966


  • – becoming a Forensic Accountant in 1997
  • – becoming a Certified Financial Services Auditor in 1996
  • – becoming a Certified Government Financial Manager in 1994
  • – becoming a Certified Fraud Examiner in 1990
  • – becoming a licensed CPA in 1982
  • – passing the Certified Internal Auditor examination on my first attempt in 1981
  • – passing the CPA examination on my first attempt in 1979


  • – serving as the Treasurer and a Director of www.Adversity.Net since 1999
  • – serving on the Executive Committee of the Chicago Chapter of the Association of Government Accountants 1983-1996
  • – being a union member 1966-1969 and 1971-1980
  • – assisting attorneys with lawsuits that charged age discrimination, reverse discrimination, retaliation, breach of contract, exceeding executive branch authority, and fraud
  • – living in DuPage County and its county seat Wheaton since 1978, in Chicago 1974-1978, in University Park 1972-1974, and in Crete 1948-1972
  • – being the subject of a nasty 4-page article in the February 1978 issue of Money Magazine
  • – owning cars since 1964 and only American nameplate cars since 1964
  • – being married since 1978
  • – being confirmed as a Missouri Synod Lutheran in 1962
  • – being someone who is 100% German national origin
  • – assuring proper care for my 81-year-old aunt who has Alzheimer’s

Each and every morning, I send a GOPUSA ILLINOIS email to each and every GOPUSA ILLINOIS subscriber. If the email does not appear in your inbox, to view a copy of it, please visit: Also each and every morning, I post a link to that copy on the Illinoize page at and at Since January 1, 2005, GOPUSA ILLINOIS has brought to your attention 107,804 internet postings and information on many upcoming events free of charge and without any advertising. GOPUSA ILLINOIS asks that its subscribers use the information in the emails to help elect and reelect Republicans who can and will defend and advance the Illinois Republican Party platform.


Dave Diersen

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Fax: 630-653-9665

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