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Desperate for Jobs, Youth Flee Obama

No career opportunities, no stable income, no ability to strike out on their own…kids today are faced with difficulties like no generation in the past. Consequently, they are putting off decisions like buying a home, getting married, raising a family, saving for retirement, etc. The article says ‘they’re putting off decisions’, but I think they have no ability to make those financial decisions, because they don’t have the income.

“The key issue for young adults is the lack of meaningful choices among full-time jobs that offer an avenue to a stable income, a real career, and the realization of dreams. Instead of genuinely listening to their concerns, they see a president and leaders in Congress who have ignored their strong objections to higher personal taxes, government interference with business, and reckless indebtedness to countries like communist China,” said Conway, former chief of staff of the Labor Department and Office of Personnel Management.

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