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As if we didn’t know already that David Brock and Hillary Clinton’s1 Media Matters focuses its hate on “progressives’ political opposition” and are moving their totalitarian agenda forward in full force to eliminate free speech of their political opponents. Bearing that in mind, The Daily Caller has a new series that draws a clear picture of the collusion between Media Matters and the Obama Administration.

Jacob Laskin at Discover the Networks pointed out Media Matters’ partisan agenda back in 2005 in his article Media Matters: Agendas, Activities, and Worldviews

“Brock, for his part, has no hesitation about conscripting his organization into the embryonic movement that aims to amplify the agenda of the political left. “I view Media Matters as part of a large machine that’s being built,” Brock told an interviewer in August of 2004. The organization’s budget has kept pace with its escalating importance to the political left. By August of 2004, Media Matters’ operating budget had already doubled to $4 million.

“Much of this success is attributable to Media Matters‘ nakedly partisan mission. That mission is essentially to smear and defame every conservative spokesperson, reporter, TV anchor or public figure that comes in its sights. Typically Media Matters labels any conservative viewpoint as “a lie” “false” “a smear” “racist” or some other anti-intellectual epithet designed to discredit rather than dispute its political opposition. Media Matters compiles an archive of these distortions which the leftwing network spreads throughout the Internet.”

The truth of what is said in that article from 2005 is eery, considering the latest developments. If you care to read the entire article, you will see also that George Soros and his “Open Society Institute” plays a financial role in Media Matters.

The Daily Caller reveals a Media Matters internal memo that makes an important admission. Despite its 501(3)(c) non profit status which prohibits it from doing so,  it serves as a propaganda arm for the Obama administration. Media Matters is having teleconferences with members of the Obama administration, and the alphabet networks are picking up on the narrative. What happened to the free press? Well as many of us have been saying for years, we don’t have one! Which is why ‘alternative media’ turned up. The truth has a way of getting out, no matter how progs try to suppress it.

Media Matters is now turning from attacking George Bush (who to many conservatives was not really conservative at all) and John McCain (who many conservatives had issues with for the same reasons they objected to Bush – and because he has done a lot of damage to the GOP)-to personally harassing Fox News commentators2 and targeting Fox News as a business, to take it down:

February 16, 2012 MMFA and the White House sittin’ in a tree…

Here’s a perfect example of how Media Matters operates. As you read earlier today — and if you haven’t, go read the whole thing — back in Sept. ’09 a Media Matters “senior fellow” named Karl Frisch wrote the following in an internal memo to his bosses:

“Simply put,” Frisch wrote, “the progressive movement is in need of an enemy. George W. Bush is gone. We really don’t have John McCain to kick around any more. Filling the lack of leadership on the right, Fox News has emerged as the central enemy and antagonist of the Obama administration, our Congressional majorities and the progressive movement as a whole.”

We must take Fox News head-on in a well funded, presidential-style campaign to discredit and embarrass the network, making it illegitimate in the eyes of news consumers.”

Daily Caller: Media Matters Tax-Exempt Status May Face New Scrutiny from Congress -Fox News

February 16, 2012-Media Matters accepted $50K grant for ‘fact checking’ religious broadcasts (Daily Caller)

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February 16, 2012

Media Matters matters even less on the Internet

Interest in the website has been on a downward spiral for years, and

Tim Groseclose — author of “Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind” — told TheDC. that Media Matters’ opposition research files on mid-level Fox News employees did not sound like “part of an informational or educational mission,” but rather, more “like harassment.”

  1. Prior to founding Media Matters, David Brock met with a number of leading Democratic Party figures, including Senator Hillary Clinton, former Senator Tom Daschle of South Dakota, and former Vice President Al Gore. In 2007, Mrs. Clinton told the YearlyKos convention of leftwing bloggers that she “helped to start and support” Media Matters.-Discover the Networks []
  2. According to a March 2011 report in, Media Matters had “all but abandoned its monitoring of newspapers and other television networks,” preparing instead to wage “what its founder, David Brock, described … as an all-out campaign of ‘guerrilla warfare and sabotage’ aimed at the Fox News Channel [FNC] … and a handful of conservative websites, which its leaders view as political organizations and the ‘nerve center’ of the conservative movement.” Brock explained that whereas previously “[t]he strategy that we had had toward Fox was basically a strategy of containment” — i.e., challenging FNC’s factual claims and trying to keep them out of the mainstream media — the new strategy would be “war on Fox.”

    In that “war” effort, said Politico, Media Matters was “assembling opposition research files not only on Fox’s top executives but on a series of midlevel officials”; had “hired an activist who has led a successful campaign to press advertisers to avoid Glenn Beck’s show”; was “assembling a legal team to help people who have clashed with Fox to file lawsuits for defamation, invasion of privacy or other causes”; “hired two experienced reporters … to dig into Fox’s operation to help assemble a book on the network”; planned, in collaboration with an executive from, “to run a broad campaign against Fox’s parent company, News Corp.”; and planned to “disrupt [the] commercial interests” of News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch. []

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