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February 15, 2012

Fellow Republicans:

News clips and upcoming event information:


  • Chicago Called Most Corrupt City In Nation1


  • Jesse Jackson Jr. fights for political life – Charles Thomas2


  • Is your lawmaker spending his whole allowance? Some House members from Illinois are thrifty with taxpayer money – Katherine Skiba3
  • Occupy movement plans Midwest regional gathering – AP4

(DIERSEN: Who at this gathering will represent the occupiers from your municipality?)

  • DIERSEN HEADLINE: Mary Schmich suggests reasons why Democrat voter registration is down in Democrat Chicago. However, here is the real reason: Increasingly, to be a Democrat in Illinois is to be someone who a) worships Obama, Durbin, Quinn, Madigan, and Cullerton; b) promotes dependency on government; c) rejects all the religions of the world; d) promotes homosexual activity; e) promotes abortion; f) encourages people to come to America illegally; g) encourages people to stay in America illegally; h) encourages people to bring others into America illegally; i) blames all problems on Republicans, especially on Republicans who are “rich,” conservative, older, White, and males; j) promotes race and gender based preference giving, that is, promotes discrimination against Whites and males; and k) promotes Obama’s efforts to replace capitalism and democracy in America first with socialism, then with communism, then with totalitarianism, and then with dictatorship. Hopefully, fewer and fewer and fewer want to be Democrats.5
  • FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD WITH BIG COLOR PICTURE: Illinois voters tend to agree with Obama’s mix of higher taxes, spending cuts Tribune/WGN-TV poll also shows two-thirds support minimum 30% rate on highest earners – Bob Secter6

(DIERSEN: Because the Chicago Tribune has made it so very clear that it exists to elect candidates who it believes will do the best job of defending and advancing the Democrat Party platform, any poll that the Chicago Tribune pays for has no credibility.)

  • Personal PAC sues over state’s campaign finance law Group says limits unconstitutional in wake of Supreme Court decision – Monique Garcia7
  • Cellini’s wife off preservation agency board – Ray Long8
  • Is your lawmaker spending his whole allowance? Some House members from Illinois are thrifty with taxpayer money – Katherine Skiba9
  • Durbin, Kirk left hundreds of thousands unspent Senators get more taxpayer money – Katherine Skiba10
  • America in decline” denial – Clarence Page11
  • Why Hull House had to disappear – Cory Franklin12


  • 1st black SIU grad made good in Chicago – Mark Brown13

(DIERSEN: Who of your ancestors was the first to earn a college degree, when, and from what college? I was the first of my ancestors to earn a college degree, in 1970, from NIU. When did your ancestors come to America and from where? All my ancestors came to America during the 1840s and 1850s from what is now Germany. What did your ancestors do? On my father’s side, first they worked in a brick factory in Chicago, then homestead a farm in Crete, and then operated Crete’s only hardware store. My father worked in the office of chemical factory in Chicago Heights. On my mother’s side, first they sharecropped a farm and then became farmers. My mother was a housewife, she never attended high school. What discouraged your ancestors from earning college degrees? My ancestors continued to be German-Americans for far too long. All of them, except for my parents, spoke German. Virtually everyone they interacted with was a German-American and a Missouri Synod Lutheran. Sadly, virtually everyone they interacted with had limited aspirations. However, those who disapprove of German-Americans and those who disapprove of Missouri Synod Lutherans argue that the real reason why my ancestors were not more successful and why I have not been more successful is that we come from an “inferior gene pool.”

(FROM THE ARTICLE: Alexander Lane, the first African-American man to graduate from what would become Southern Illinois University, moved to Chicago in the early 1890s. Lane enrolled at Rush Medical College, earned his doctor’s degree in 1895 and started a practice on the South Side. Later, he was elected twice to the Illinois House of Representatives, the first time in 1906 – three years before the NAACP was established. All this clearly qualifies Lane as a trailblazer for African Americans in Illinois, yet one about whom little was known beyond that bare biographical outline. That was before educators at SIU’s Paul Simon Public Policy Institute made it a point last year to dig deeper. On Feb. 27, the institute plans to share its research at a reception here, where a new internship in Lane’s honor also will be unveiled. But they agreed to give us a preview. Lane, it turns out, was born in pre-Civil War Mississippi. The date is unclear. His death certificate says he was born in 1860. Other records place it as early as 1855. Either way, Lane was born into an America where slavery was still in full force. His mother, researchers conclude, was a slave. His father was white. No other information is available about the father’s identity, although it’s no secret how those things usually happened in those days.)

  • AS THE DEMOCRAT PARTY’S STRANGLEHOLD ON AMERICA TIGHTENS: Late payments on mortgages rise again in 4Q – AP14

(DIERSEN: Have you ever made a payment on your mortgage late? I have not. My liberal Democrat IRS and GAO superiors, supervisors, coworkers, and subordinates used that fact to argue that I was “rich.”)


  • FRONT PAGE TOP OF FOLD WITH FIVE COLOR PHOTOS: What they (Duckworth, Foster, Krishnamoorthi, McSweeney, and Oberweis) learned losing a race Second-chance candidates get their shot on March 20 – Mike Riopell and Kerry Lester15

(DIERSEN: As of 9:30 AM, the Daily Herald had not posted this article on its website.)

  • McSweeney far outspending 52nd District House opponents Gaffney, Rowe – Kimberly Pohl16
  • Democrat pushes SUGAR Act on Kirk’s behalf – Kerry Lester17
  • DuPage County District 5 Forest Preserve candidates debate how much land DuPage Forest can buy – Elisabeth Mistretta18


  • Personal PAC sues to overturn post-Blago Illinois campaign limits – Greg Hinz19
  • Driehaus giving DePaul $30 million20

(DIERSEN: I earned a masters degree in accounting from DePaul in 1980 and my wife earned a bachelors degree in finance from DePaul in 1986. Sadly, soon after I transferred from IRS to GAO in 1980, GAO announced that it would focus on hiring, retaining, and promoting those who had degrees from Ivy League universities. Sadly, GAO does not consider DePaul to be an Ivy League university.)

(FROM THE ARTICLE: Richard Driehaus of Driehaus Capital Management LLC is giving $30 million to DePaul University, which has renamed its College of Commerce after him. The new name is the Richard H. Driehaus College of Business, DePaul said in a statement Wednesday morning. The donation is the biggest ever for the Chicago university. The Chicago Tribune first reported the gift. Interest on the money will be used to find and keep faculty at the Driehaus College of Business and the university’s Charles H. Kellstadt Graduate School of Business, the Tribune reported. Mr. Driehaus has undergraduate and MBA degrees from DePaul and told the paper that he wanted the gift to go for faculty instead of for facilities or a general fund. DePaul’s president broached the possibility of a large gift with Mr. Driehaus in June, according to the Tribune. The executive knew right away that he would make the donation but committed to it in December, according to the report. Mr. Driehaus already has given the university $3.45 million, according to a statement from DePaul. “Richard’s extraordinary gift puts us in a position to aggressively recruit and retain top faculty at a time when business schools nationwide face intense competition for the very best scholars,” College of Business Dean Ray Whittington said in the statement. “This investment is particularly powerful because it directly impacts teaching and student learning.”)


  • Battles for tax cuts put greed over country – Phil Kadner21


  • McCoy: Candidate has campaign violations – Kent Casson22


  • DuPage finance head reports on ‘improving’ budget picture – Susan Frick Carlman23


  • Radogno offers ideas on state’s budget problems – Eric Schelkopf24


  • When it comes to finding out what services citizens want from their city government, Yorkville is not monkeying around. – Steve Lord25

(DIERSEN: In Wheaton, the most important thing that its Democrat residents and its RINO residents want Wheaton to do is “get rid” of its Republican residents.)


  • State Senator to Speak at Third Home Rule Meeting The former mayor of Downers Grove served on that village’s board of trustees when home rule was discussed and retained – Joe O’Donnell26


  • DuPage County Board District 2 Republican Primary Candidates Distinguish Themselves at LWV Forum – Karen Chadra27


  • Berkowitz interviews RCP’s Tom Bevan, Democrat John Tree and Republican Senator Ron Sandack28
  • DIERSEN HEADLINE: Family Pac names “conservative leaders” in Illinois. What criteria does Family Pac use to name someone a “conservative leader?” Who do you name as the “conservative leaders” in Illinois? What criteria do you use? “Conservative leaders” do not a) discourage people from reading GOPUSA ILLINOIS emails; b) discourage candidates, elected officials, or party leaders from speaking at TAPROOT events; or c) discourage people from attending TAPROOT events. Tragically, there are far too many “rule-or-ruin” types in Illinois who want to be “conservative leaders.” Tragically, they blacklist hundreds, if not thousands, of people and organizations in Illinois. Tragically, they focus on destroying individuals and destroying organizations that they cannot control. Tragically, they focus on destroying other “conservative leaders.”29


  • St. Charles home to horse industry, enthusiasts. – Elizabeth Stoever30

(FROM THE ARTICLE: On a ranch surrounded by farmland just 10 minutes outside downtown St. Charles, Lisa Diersen breeds one of the rarest types of horses in the world. “Some people think horses are just a hobby,” she said. The Lusitano horses she’s bred for roughly five years are native to Portugal and are best known for their display of classical dressage – a more elegant method of riding horses. That style of riding is just one part of the vast horse industry in St. Charles and the surrounding area. In Illinois alone, horses are a $1.3 billion industry, and the northern half of the state has the most horses per square mile in the country, according to the Horsemen’s Council of Illinois. In St. Charles, Diersen said there are specialists in every method of horse riding, from Western to polo. Horses are even used locally as a form of therapy called equine assisted psychotherapy, which helps veterans, the disabled and even teens from the Kane County Juvenile Justice Center gain emotional growth. “If you love horses, it’s in St. Charles,” she said. “Every discipline is pretty much covered here.” In addition to a world-class arena with horse shows at Wayne’s Lamplight Equestrian Center, Diersen said there are at least 25 horse public shows and boarding barns in St. Charles and even more private barns. Locals can also ride their horses along the Great Western Trail that runs through LeRoy Oakes Forest in St. Charles. By April each year, Diersen said St. Charles’ horse scene gets active with free horse clinics that are often taught by well-known instructors at local ranches and barns, including her own. “People have no idea the amount of horses and horse events here,” Diersen said. “It becomes a mission to help show people what they can do.” She said the area’s reputation for horses is decades old. She thinks St. Charles has remained a popular area for horses because of its trails and its mix of rural and suburban land.)


  • McSweeney poll shows significant lead in the 52nd House District31


  • More Charges of Illegal MinorityWomen/Disadvantaged Set-Aside Scams, One Hefty Campaign Contributor – Cal Skinner32
  • When a Family PAC “Endorsement” May Not Be an Endorsement – Cal Skinner33


  • Media Matters memo called for hiring private investigators ‘to look into the personal lives’ of Fox employees – Tucker Carlson34

(DIERSEN: As everyone knows, if you claim to be religious, if you claim to be conservative, if you claim to be Republican, sooner or later, the Democrats will look into your personal life. If the Democrats find anything, sooner or later, the Democrats will use it to blackmail you and/or the Democrats will splash it all over their television stations, newspapers, websites, etc.)

  • Obama hikes subsidy to wealthy electric car buyers – Neil Munro35
  • National Condom Week: ‘Where did you wear it?’ – Caroline May36


  • RNC chairman: GOP Valentine’s Day cards ‘meant in good fun’ – Geneva Sands-Sadowitz37


  • Mitt Romney Makes For An Awkward ‘Son Of Detroit’ – Jason Linkins38
  • Mitt Romney: Rick Santorum Has ‘Sour Grapes’ Over CPAC Straw Poll – Ariel Levy39
  • DIERSEN HEADLINE: Democrat consultant Jason Stanford wants Republicans to pander to Hispanics40


  • From Overseas Visitors, a Growing Demand to Study the Holocaust – Ethan Bronner41

(DIERSEN: I worked for the federal government for almost 30 years. Two of the agencies that I worked for, IRS and GAO, frequently re mined its employees about the Holocaust. Many of my superiors and supervisors were Jewish and/or had parents, children, brothers, sisters, relatives, friends, etc. who were killed by the Germans during WWI and/or WWII. I am 100% German national origin and I was baptized, raised, and confirmed as a Missouri Synod Lutheran.)


  • 26 Years on the Job and Not One Sick Day – Sue Shellenbarger42

(DIERSEN: I worked for the federal government for almost 30 years. Sadly, many of my superiors, supervisors, coworkers, and subordinates had bad health. Sadly, many of them used their sick days as fast as they earned them.)


  • The president has broken many promises – Reince Priebus43


  • Rick Santorum’s Medical Malpractice Lawsuit – Jonathan Karl44


  • Transportation bill could hurt Illinois projects45
  • Chicago asked not to stifle wireless at summits – AP46

(DIERSEN: What percent of the protestors voted for Obama — 98%, 99%, 100%, 100+%? How much freedom should protesters have to destroy Chicago?)

(FROM THE ARTICLE: Protesters are coming by the thousands to Chicago, armed with smartphones, video cameras and social media links that will allow them to instantly map strategy, share plans and disseminate images of what’s happening – right in front of a police force renowned for responding with tough tactics. Now a city councilman wants to forbid the Police Department from pulling the plug on all that electronic communication during the G-8 and NATO summits in May, taking away a tactic employed by authorities during a crackdown on democratic protests in Egypt but also in the San Francisco Bay Area during protests there last year. “We’re putting down a marker and saying, this has happened in other places and we don’t even want it considered here,” said Alderman Ricardo Munoz, who will propose his anti-crackdown ordinance at a Chicago City Council meeting Wednesday. Munoz said he has no indication that police are contemplating shutting down cellphone use or social media sites. And aides to Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Police Chief Garry McCarthy say the leaders have no plans to put any restrictions on social media or other communications. But Munoz’s determination to take the tactic off the table is an acknowledgement that the front line at mass protests is increasingly technological as officials and protesters search for a balance between security and freedom of speech. It also illustrates a growing nervousness about clashes during the summits in a city that just last week agreed to pay more than $6 million to hundreds of protesters for wrongful arrests by police during a 2003 Iraq War demonstration. “Chicago has a painful history going back to the Red Squad and 1968,” said Munoz, referring to a police intelligence unit that into the 1970s spied on everyone from anti-war activists to the PTA as well as the still-vivid footage of police beating protesters during the 1968 Democratic National Convention.)


  • Why Mitt Romney Can’t Sell Himself to Conservatives – Peter Fenn47


  • Latino Students Protest Romney’s Visit to Arizona48


  • Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn Retreating On Gay Marriage Support?49


  • Don’t treat America’s homeless as criminals – Arjun Sethi50

(DIERSEN: Democrats and RINOs have always blamed Republicans for the problems that the homeless have.)


  • The case of a woman barred from running for city council because she isn’t fluent in English has raised questions about the 120-year-old Arizona language law used to kick her off the ballot. – Amanda Lee Meyers51

(DIERSEN: My four of my grandparents and all of their ancestors spoke German. If Illinois had a language law like Arizona has, maybe some of them would have been barred from running for offices.)

  • Wealthiest colleges attract biggest donors, study finds Fundraising nets more than $30B for U.S. schools – Justin Pope52

(DIERSEN: I have degrees from NIU, Loyola, DePaul, and IIT. I wonder how much they netted.)


  • Where the Finance Jobs Are in 2012 – Julie Steinberg53

(DIERSEN: If political affiliation discrimination was not rampant in the federal government, I would apply for a job with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.)

(FROM THE ARTICLE: Finally, don’t forget about jobs spawned by Dodd-Frank, the financial regulation reform bill passed in July 2010 that created new agencies to oversee financial institutions and levy new rules on them. Even though the Securities and Exchange Commission and Commodity Futures Trading Commission don’t have budgets to bring on masses of people, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau expects to hire almost 500 people by September 2012.


  • Feds as reluctant swingers – Mike Causey54

(FROM THE ARTICLE: Republican budget cutters – and some of their Democratic colleagues – would like feds to sacrifice even more. They would extend the pay freeze at least another year. And they might propose exchanging the current high-three retirement formula for a system that bases annuities of future hires on their highest five-year average salary. AFGE President John Gage, initially a strong supporter of President Obama, said the White House budget treats federal employee paychecks “…like an ATM machine.” National Treasury Employees Union president Colleen Kelley also blasted the White House plan.)


  • Budget Breakdown: Feeding the Congressional Watchdogs55


  • Endorsements: Illinois Opportunity Pac, Illinois Citizens for Ethics, Dan Proft, Patrick Hughes, Chris Heidorn, Milton Township Supervisor, Gary Muehlfelt, Milton Township Highway Commissioner, Marie Jensen, Milton Township Trustee, Chris LeVan, Milton Township Republican Committee Treasurer, Jay Olsen, Village of Winfield Trustee56


  • ENDORSEMENTS: Tax Accountability, Joe Walsh, Congressman, Gwen Henry, DuPage County Treasurer, Franco Coladipietro, State Representative, Jim Durkin, State Representative, Darlene Senger, State Representative, Robert Czernek, Bloomingdale Village Trustee, Frank Saverino, Mayor of Carol Stream, Ron Gidwitz, Former Chairman, Illinois State Board of Education, Brian Krajewski, DuPage County Board, Michael Pruetter, Former Chairman, Lisle Township Republican, Organization, Linda Filipello, Deputy State Central Committeeman, Illinois Republican Party57


  • 2/15 Event: Dillard reception in Elmhurst
  • 2/15 Event: Cross to speak at Fee fundraiser in Naperville
  • 2/15 Event: Schultz reception at Bracon’s in Naperville
  • 2/15 Event: Winfield Township GOP meeting
  • 2/16 Event: Sabathne fundraiser in Winfield
  • 2/16 Event: Dabrowski fundraiser in Addison
  • 2/17 Event: Walsh to speak at Carlin Reception at Morgan’s Charhouse in Winfield
  • 2/17 Event: Humes fundraiser at Casey’s in Lombard
  • 2/17 Event: Sandack rally in Downers Grove
  • 2/18 Event: TAPROOT Breakfast Meeting
  • 2/18 Event: Milton Township GOP Headquarters Grand Opening
  • 2/18 Event: NTRO monthly meeting in Naperville
  • 2/19 Event: Winfield Township GOP Breakfast Brunch
  • 2/19 Event: William J. Kelly co-hosts Chicago TV Townhall Meeting at Stahl Family Theatre
  • 2/20 Event: Schneider fundraiser at the Lisle/Naperville Hilton
  • 2/20 Event: Lisle Township GOP meeting
  • 2/21 Event: Aurora Republican Women Candidates Forum at Eola Community Center in Aurora
  • 2/21 Event: Deadline to register or transfer registration
  • 2/21 Event: Behrend and Gough to speak at the Lincoln Restaurant in Chicago
  • 2/21 Event: York Township GOP meeting
  • 2/23 Event: Zediker fundraiser in Naperville
  • 2/23 Event: Larsen fundraiser at Klein Creek
  • 2/23 Event: Biggert at Krajewski fundraiser in Downers Grove
  • 2/24 Event: Roskam to speak at Wheaton Women’s Republican Club Chilli Dinner at the Wheaton Bowl
  • 2/25 Event: NTRO pizza party fundraiser at the Kendall VFW Hall in Naperville
  • 2/27 Event: Early voting begins
  • 2/27 Event: Nybo reception at the Reel Club in Oakbrook Center
  • 2/27 Event: Kordik reception in Glendale Heights
  • 2/28 Event: Bloomingdale Township GOP meeting
  • 2/29 Event: Aurora Republican Women Candidates Forum at Prisco Center in Aurora
  • 3/1 Event: Carlin fundraiser at 120 North Hale in Wheaton
  • 3/1 Event: DeMonte at Gambino reception in Rockford
  • 3/1 Event: Righter Reception in Charleston
  • 3/3 Event: DeMonte and Schilling at Jo Davies County Lincoln Day Dinner
  • 3/4 Event: Addison Township GOP Annual Brunch
  • 3/4 Event: Oberweis fundraiser in Bristol
  • 3/5 Event: Illinois Senate Republican reception in Springfield
  • 3/8 Event: DeMonte to speak at LaSalle County Republican Women meeting
  • 3/8 Event: RALC Meeting
  • 3/8-10 Event: Family Economics Conference in Wheaton
  • 3/9 Event: Earl fundraiser
  • 3/10 Event: William J. Kelly for 42nd Ward St. Patrick’s Day Bash
  • 3/10 Event: Bloomingdale Township GOP meeting
  • 3/10 Event: Dick Morris headlines St. Patrick’s Day Fundraiser for William J. Kelly
  • 3/11 Event: Lisle Township GOP Brunch at the Hilton Naperville/Lisle
  • 3/12 Event: McCain at McSweeney fundraiser in Chicago
  • 3/15 Event: Early voting ends
  • 3/15 Event: Nybo fundraiser in Glen Ellyn
  • 3/16 Event: Cronin fundraiser at Drury Lane
  • 3/17 Event: TAPROOT Breakfast Meeting
  • 3/18 Event: DeMonte to speak at Kankakee County Lincoln Day Dinner
  • 3/20 Event: Primary Election
  • 3/20 Event: Carlin Election Night Party at Arrowhead Golf Club in Wheaton
  • 3/20 Event: William J. Kelly’s Chicago GOP Victory Party for the 42nd Ward
  • 3/24 Event: DeMonte to speak at NTRO meeting in Naperville
  • 3/24 Event: DuPage County Unity Breakfast
  • 3/24 Event: RALC Reagan Day Dinner
  • 4/12 Event: RALC Meeting
  • 4/16 Event: Mark Kirk to speak at City Club of Chicago Luncheon
  • 4/18 Event: GOP County Conventions
  • 4/20 Event: Lake County Federation gala at the Marriott Lincolnshire Resort
  • 4/20-21 Event: Illinois Federation of Republican Women’s Spring Conference in Naperville
  • 4/21 Event: TAPROOT Breakfast Meeting
  • 5/5 Event: DeMonte to speak at Knox County Lincoln Day Dinner
  • 5/10 Event: RALC Meeting
  • 5/19 Event: TAPROOT Breakfast Meeting
  • 6/8-9 Event: Illinois Republican Party State Convention in Tinley Park
  • 6/14 Event RALC Meeting
  • 6/16 Event: TAPROOT Breakfast Meeting
  • 6/21-24 Event: Bloomington Gold Corvette Show at Pheasant Run in St. Charles
  • 7/4 Event: Wheaton and Glen Ellyn Independence Day parades
  • 7/12 Event: RALC Meeting
  • 7/21 Event: TAPROOT Breakfast Meeting
  • 7/21 Event: Operation Support Out Troops event at Cantigny Park in Wheaton
  • 8/23 Event: DuPage County Republican Day
  • 8/26 Event: RALC Picnic
  • 9/13 Event: RALC Meeting
  • 9/15 Event: TAPROOT Breakfast Meeting
  • 10/11 Event: RALC Meeting
  • 10/20 Event: TAPROOT Breakfast Meeting
  • 11/6 Event: General Election
  • 11/8 Event: RALC Meeting
  • 11/17 Event: TAPROOT Breakfast Meeting
  • 12/9 Event: TAPROOT Christmas Party at the Hilton Lisle/Naperville

The opinions that I express in this email are based on experience that I have gained doing many things including:


  • – serving on the committee that developed the Illinois Republican Party’s platform in 2008
  • – serving as the Chairman of TAPROOT Republicans of Illinois ( since 2005
  • – serving on the Steering Committee of the Illinois Center Right Coalition 2003-2007
  • – serving as the Milton Township Republican Central Committee webmaster 2008-2010 and 2000-2004
  • – serving as the GOPUSA Illinois Editor since 2000
  • – serving as a Republican Precinct Committeeman since 1999


  • – consulting since 1998, being a member of the American Association of Political Consultants since 2001, and being a founding member of its Midwest Chapter
  • – serving as an arbitrator for the Financial Regulatory Authority since 1998 and for the Better Business bureau since 2001
  • – working for the U.S. Government Accountability Office 1980-1997
  • – working for IRS 1971-1980
  • – working for Firestone Stores 1970-1972
  • – working for the Post Office 1966-1969


  • – earning a masters degree in financial markets and trading from IIT in 1997
  • – earning a masters degree in accounting from DePaul in 1980
  • – earning an MBA from Loyola in 1976
  • – earning a bachelors degree in management from NIU in 1970
  • – attending the University of Illinois in Chicago 1966-1968
  • – earning a diploma from Crete-Monee High School in 1966


  • – becoming a Forensic Accountant in 1997
  • – becoming a Certified Financial Services Auditor in 1996
  • – becoming a Certified Government Financial Manager in 1994
  • – becoming a Certified Fraud Examiner in 1990
  • – becoming a licensed CPA in 1982
  • – passing the Certified Internal Auditor examination on my first attempt in 1981
  • – passing the CPA examination on my first attempt in 1979


  • – serving as the Treasurer and a Director of www.Adversity.Net since 1999
  • – serving on the Executive Committee of the Chicago Chapter of the Association of Government Accountants 1983-1996
  • – being a union member 1966-1969 and 1971-1980
  • – assisting attorneys with lawsuits that charged age discrimination, reverse discrimination, retaliation, breach of contract, exceeding executive branch authority, and fraud
  • – living in DuPage County and its county seat Wheaton since 1978, in Chicago 1974-1978, in University Park 1972-1974, and in Crete 1948-1972
  • – being the subject of a nasty 4-page article in the February 1978 issue of Money Magazine
  • – owning cars since 1964 and only American nameplate cars since 1964
  • – being married since 1978
  • – being confirmed as a Missouri Synod Lutheran in 1962
  • – being someone who is 100% German national origin
  • – assuring proper care for my 81-year-old aunt who has Alzheimer’s

Each and every morning, I send a GOPUSA ILLINOIS email to each and every GOPUSA ILLINOIS subscriber. If the email does not appear in your inbox, to view a copy of it, please visit: Also each and every morning, I post a link to that copy on the Illinoize page at and at Since January 1, 2005, GOPUSA ILLINOIS has brought to your attention 107,494 internet postings and information on many upcoming events free of charge and without any advertising. GOPUSA ILLINOIS asks that its subscribers use the information in the emails to help elect and reelect Republicans who can and will defend and advance the Illinois Republican Party platform.


Dave Diersen

Phone: 630-653-0462

Fax: 630-653-9665

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