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The US government is on the precipice of a historic shutdown that would result in hundreds of thousands of federal workers being placed on unpaid leave, after House Republicans refused to pass a budget unless it involved a delay to Barack Obama‘s signature healthcare reforms.

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Shutdown politics: Obamacare and echoes of 1995

We are seeing one of the problems with enormous government and stoopid planning based on absolutely no budgetary concerns and spend, spend, spend, right now.

Government shouldn’t be operating like a drunken divorcee who’s trying to run up the credit cards before all hell breaks loose.

Lloyd Marcus sent out an email about Dick Durbin and his reprehensible record. It’s time to get on board with the new campaign to Dump Dick Durbin in 2014.

Illinois conservatives have watched with dismay as Durbin started out as a conservative initially to get the vote, and the longer he remained in office, the more he betrayed his constituents. He started out as a pro-lifer, but no longer holds that view, of course.

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Media reports indicate he had psychological problems.

Alexis had been treated multiple times for psychological issues — including sleep deprivation, anger and paranoia — sources told NBC News. Most recently, sources said, he had been treated at an unspecified Veterans Affairs hospital in New England.

That in an of itself is somewhat concerning. Also concerning are his brushes with the law; one charge if pursued, would have prevented him from passing a criminal background check.

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September 17, 2013

Fellow Republicans:

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The numbers are not yet known of the wounded, but the FBI identified the remains of the shooter as Aaron Alexis, among the 13 dead. Alexis was a 34-year old Navy Veteran. He was a civilian contractor who allegedly stole a military ID to get into the yard. He opened fire on civilians and Navy personnel at the Washington Navy Yard in building 197 of Naval Systems Command. Authorities have not released the names of the victims as of this writing.

This morning, Colonel Oliver North spoke on Fox News, saying that this tragedy is similar to that of the Boston Marathon Bombing and Major Hasan’s shooting rampage at Fort Hood; authorities have been piss-poor at predicting these events; therefore, they’ve not been able to prevent them from happening in the first place.

One wonders what this young man’s motivation was, and what set him off to do such a horrible thing. Although…he has a history of gun-related arrests that could have drawn scrutiny to his behavior prior to this tragic incident at the Navy Yard.

Because my stalker has made it evident that a) she continues to read this blog and b) that she continues to direct contact me regarding things I reveal online, I am reluctant to write much. I am busy getting on with my life.

Yesterday was a busy day, my dog’s birthday, and the anniversary of the death of four people in Benghazi due to the Obama Administration’s negligence, not to mention the 12th Anniversary of 9/11 in Manhattan. A big day to remember many who died, and to honor and remember the courage of the American people and first responders at the scene.

It also brings up memories of Jack Idema, who sought to update “The Hunt For Bin Laden” before the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, and who himself died in 2011.

May God Bless all of our heroes.

Please call me on a line that is free from static and speak louder when leaving a message. I could not understand your name or who you were with, and did not hear the complete phone numbers to call you back on. Thank-you

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This song really captures what’s happening in my life at present. Upbeat and positive, today is my day.

The Lynching of George Zimmerman\

by Paul R. Hollrah

Watching the mindless reaction to the Zimmerman verdict among black racists and their white liberal cheerleaders, I was struck by an idea for what could be a new rap hit by Jay-Z or another of Obama’s show biz cronies.  The first line of the rap lyric would be, “The Klan is back, and they be black.”  We’ll leave it to Jay-Z or Lil’ Wayne to add the remainder of the lyrics.

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The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him.
Niccolo Machiavelli


From Drew Zahn and WMD. Pretty damned amazing.

They’ve been very sloppy about covering their tracks as this mess has grown to epic proportions, and people don’t even seem to care about it.

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The Chip on Trayvon’s Shoulder

by Paul R. Hollrah

George Zimmerman and his wife, Shellie, moved into the Retreat at Twin Lakes, a 260-unit, fully-integrated, townhome community at Sanford, Florida in the summer of 2009. In the weeks that followed their arrival, the Zimmermans and others were terrorized on a number of occasions by a vicious free-roaming pit bull. After filing complaints with the dog’s owner and with Seminole County Animal Services… all to no avail… the Zimmermans obtained a canister of pepper spray. However, a Seminole County animal control officer advised them otherwise. According to a Zimmerman friend, the animal control officer said, “Don’t use pepper spray. It’ll take two or three seconds for the pepper spray to take effect, but only a quarter of a second for the dog to jump you. Get a gun.” With that advice in mind, the Zimmermans purchased a 9mm Kel-Tec PF-9 handgun, attended firearms training classes at a local firing range, and received concealed-carry handgun permits.

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Last night, the jury in the Zimmerman murder trial rendered a “Not Guilty” verdict.

Now we should pray for George Zimmerman’s safety. While the jury was deliberating, the New Black Panthers called, once again, for Zimmerman’s death.

“Anything less than death for George Zimmerman is not justice,” Kojo Kayrallah, who identified himself as the New Black Panther Party’s “chief of staff” for Florida, said in an interview with the Daily Caller.

Democrat Senator Harry Reid said in response to the verdict “This is not over with.”

“I think the Justice Department is going to take a look at this. This isn’t over with and I think that’s good. That’s our system, it’s gotten better, not worse,” Reid said on NBC’s “Meet the Press”.

But the Justice Department already has had quite a hand in the events surrounding the Zimmerman trial, just read the evidence that Judicial Watch came up with regarding the “Community Relations Service” and how it helped ramp up the ‘racist’ meme by sending people there to organize rallies and more.

Documents Obtained by Judicial Watch Detail Role of Justice Department in Organizing Trayvon Martin Protests

Reid is probably fully aware of that. But then again, I’m reminded of what Pelosi said about Obamacare: “We need to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.”

All the democrats seem completely clueless about what’s going on around them – except for what will bring them more money and power.

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Even though people have been so seriously misled about the thug that Trayvon Martin had become.


It’s too bad they won’t be finding out about the Community Relations Service flooding Orlando with activists right after the Trayvon Martin shooting to rev up the racism narrative.

After listening to the judge badger George Zimmerman about whether or not he was going to testify before the defense was finished, it seems to me that there is much justification to declare a mistrial and start all over. It wasn’t the first time she’s questioned him in that manner, and she should not be questioning Zimmerman directly and ignoring his lawyers. Very disrespectful, and very unbecoming for a judge.

I gather that some of her rulings have been thrown out by a higher court. Not surprising.

Rumor Check: Did a Little-Known Division of the DOJ Really Organize Trayvon Martin Protests and ‘Foment Unrest’?

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